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Are Working Mothers Superheroes?

6 Comments 02 February 2010

I was sitting in class with a mother of four whom works full time, is a full time student, and tutors in whatever spare time she has. While most people find this admirable I was, to put it mildly, a little scared. I myself am a mother of one, a full time student, and working part time. Motherhood alone is a full time job. I am not able to fully concentrate on my studies, and am exhausted all the time, not to mention the constant pressure I feel in needing to contribute financially. Unfortunately, it cost money to live, and life demands a double income, so mothers are compelled to join the work force. Today, the media glorifies the working mother, and many women feel pressured to fill that lofty societal image that demands women to be superheroes.

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This year’s economic challenges have made it especially harder for woman, demanding longer hours at work, and out of the house. Studies show that 14% of women have taken second jobs to make ends meet. Being a working mom may make you feel like a superhero, but it eventually takes its toll. It is extremely important to realize your limits, and actually delegate in order to normalize your workload.

In aiming to create equality for the female plight, feminists failed to acknowledge the fact that only women can be child bearers. More importantly, fathers cannot replace the role of a mother. Here is a great video explaining the importance of a mother being at home the first 3 years of their child’s life.

Luckily, advances in social media allow us mothers to work from home. This has lightened our load considerably. It cuts out the commute. There are more part time jobs available, and women can be more flexible and available to attend to home duties as well.

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  1. We are not superheroes! But sometimes, handling it all makes us feel that way. Thanks for the post - you’re right, delegating is imperative!

  2. sal says:

    I will say this, not being a mom and finding it difficult to cope sometimes anyway, I can only imagine what working moms go thru…

  3. MrsCohen says:

    @Anna - Penny: Thank you! Being a superhero is not really the emphasis, rather what can mothers and children handle, without compromising their role as a mother.
    @Sal: Thank you for acknowledging! - Unfortunately, not too many people can.

  4. Ken says:

    Great post! Mom’s are Super! We share household chores, and I appreciate my wife’s (she’s a Mom) assistance in our family-owned business,, which helps local, small businesses develop a better website presence. Good stuff! Take care.

  5. Jodi tripp says:

    I am just trying to figure out how to balance work and being a mom. I appreciate your article.


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