Confessions of a Twitter Newbie

5 Comments 08 February 2010

I am still observing Twitter from the outside; too timid to take any big steps.  Although, considering where I started from, I should join the Olympics for long jump.  Hello, I put up a profile picture! Or, as I have been told, an avatar.  It took me a year to do that on Facebook.  And I love Facebook.

I must admit I had a strong aversion to Twitter from the moment I heard of it.  To me it meant entering a barn yard of nonstop ‘quacks,’ ‘moos,’ ‘baas,’ ‘oinks,’ and what not.  Being an avid fan of Facebook, I often felt like redirecting friends with too many status updates for me to handle, to Twitter.  It did not occur to me that it would be a silent barnyard, considering you know how to use it.

Well, I am not being completely honest.  The real truth is that I am the queen of procrastination, and I honestly feared that I would get sucked into the stream of useless chatter, even contribute to it.  Kind of like the way I lose my husband to the endless pit of information floating deeply in the web. Just imagine how dysfunctional we would be if I was not there to pull him out, occasionally?

Well, I decided it was time to put my pride aside, and submit.  There have been some pleasant surprises, and I have even learned how to ignore some of the buzz on the ‘sidewalk.’  The advantage I noticed was that Twitter enables you to easily build the network that works for you.  It really is a phenomenal marketing tool, and there are many ways Twitter can benefit your business.

I’m finding it fun to explore and figure out the world of Twitter.  I did, however, feel quiet foolish when I initially responded to those automated messages.

I cannot help but wonder what twitter would be like if it limited your amount of tweets per day.  I tend to ignore people who talk too much.  It especially bothers me when people waste words.  Thankfully, there is a 140 character limit.  I guess it wouldn’t work otherwise.  How would you improve Twitter?

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  1. Laren says:

    Now you can imagine how much you’ve missed by waiting for too long. Check out to see some more benefits of twitter. Good luck.

  2. MrsCohen says:

    Laren - Thanks so much for that! Will check it out. Looks like your blog has lots of helpful tips too!

  3. I can totally agree! I am a newbie to twitter as well and I was a unsure how it would really be when I first started hanging around! But now I love it! And the networking is AMAZING!! People are so great and helpful and yet there are some who are annoying. But people are people and that is what makes us unique! Thank you for this post! I don’t feel so alone!

  4. MrsCohen says:

    Angel - Thanks! You have reassured me that there will be a smooth path ahead!


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