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Have a Mess-Free Snow Day

4 Comments 11 February 2010

Forty-seven states had snowfall yesterday!  If your family is home for the day(s), here are a few indoor family activities that involve little preparation, almost no mess, and promise to get your bodies moving.


1) Family Portrait:  This works better if you have multiple people in your family.  All you in need is one writing utensil per person and one piece of paper.  Take turns drawing a single line with out talking to anyone else about what you’re trying to draw.  After about 10 turns (or whenever you want to stop).  The outcome is always different than what you’d expect. (similar games include tic-tac-toe, squares, and hang-man)

2) Rad Libs: Shine up your language skills with ad libs.  You can do them online or, if you’re children are old enough, use a children book or song and make your own!  Young children love to hear familiar names in a story.

3) Hand it to ya:  Try not to giggle as you bring back Down by the River (where the bullfrogs jump), Miss Mary Mack, and Miss Suzy and teach your children the appropriate hand motion.  If you’re a social media dad and don’t know the songs or motions don’t despair!  Thumb war is fun at any age or gender.

3) Get Your Goose On: Burn calories with musical chairs, duck duck goose or hide and seek.

4) Foot Loose:  Turn up the music and let your children choreograph.  Don’t forget to charge the camcorder.

These activities are great for parties too! As a preschool and kindergarten teacher, I’m always on the look out for hands-on, educational games with little or no mess.  Add suggestions!

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  1. Ken says:

    Our kids are old enough to have kids themselves now, and we live in Florida (one of the states that didn’t have snow), but you shared a good variety of activities, and that is helpful to keep little ones entertained on messy days.
    I was a Cub Scout leader, and the boys always enjoyed joining in fun songs that had movements or gestures / poses in them. (My wife says the Brownies did, too.)
    Thank you for sharing some good ideas that will be handy if we become grand parents.

  2. Hi,
    I want to add one more Idea: Domino Fall
    It can take hour of preparation and kids love it.

  3. morahmommy says:

    We had the same great idea a few days ago. Unfortunately, I’m still finding Dominoes in the most inconvenient places! Still, this game also helps hand-eye coordination and is a family activity that doesn’t usually incite competition - unless you want it to! Dominoes are wonderfully versatile.


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