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Your Most Triumphant Outlet Shopping Story

0 Comments 27 April 2010

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It was a beautiful spring day and I was on vacation visiting friends in Louisville, Kentucky, when we haphazardly decided to pack up our children and husbands and cart them off to heaven.  I mean the Outlet Mall.  Much to our husbands’ dismay, the babies cried for the majority of the trip and our hour and half “tops” journey turned into a three hour picnic-in-the-car due to what we found out later was simply a fender bender. Do you think that discouraged us?  Absolutely not, and it was not just because of the excellent company. You see, we were armed and dangerous.  Not only did we have our Van Heusen and Children’s Place rewards cards, but we also had a slew of online coupons from the store sites themselves and two secret weapons.  After all you wouldn’t send a soldier into the front lines without a weapon, right?

Secret Weapon Number One: Prime Outlet Membership Card.  Not only is it free, but you can check online before you go to see just which stores having which sales and print out specific coupons for your store. To execute this mission, we needed the team.  At Rockport shoes, we took advantage of a “Buy Two Get One Free” deal.  Our husbands didn’t need three pairs of shoes each, but since her husband needed two and mine needed just one, we split the cost of just the two pairs of shoes, so my husband got a new pair of Rockports for just under $30.  That’s what we normally pay for a lesser quality pair at Payless.

Secret Weapon Number Two: Texted Coupons.  The beautiful thing about the texted coupon, is that they’ll give you the code for it right at the door.  At the Croc outlet, I snagged three pairs of crocs for just $40 (the price of just one pair at your typical Crocs dealer).  I have to admit, I was a text coupon virgin at this point, but I have since then, I’ve added Target to my texts with benefits and never looked back.

We came with our children and husband in tow, but we had trained and armed ourselves well.  We came to conquer and we were victorious!  If you are an Outlet Mall soldier, arm yourself with these Gap and Banana Republic coupons.

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