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Beauty on a Budget

0 Comments 11 May 2010

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You have to fight for you right to be fashionable.  There’s always something in your way, whether its time, money or comfort.  For many women and Twittermoms, its a daily challenge.  Revamping your style doesn’t have to be time consuming or expensive, however.

1. You are what you eat. Did you know that strawberries and tea actually whiten your teeth?  You can be as trendy as you please, but if you have yellow teeth or terrible acne, it kind of cramps your style!  So

2. Hair today, gone tomorrow. Changing your hair style doesn’t have to be expensive.  In fact, it could cost as little as a dollar for pretty clips or a little more for a hat if you’re going outdoors.  For an especially cheap, but adorable look try a

3. Shoelaces.  If you’re on the go, brighten your day with funky or brightly colored shoe laces.  If you have to wear your sneakers, you might as well make the most of it.

4. Belt it out.  A belt can be added to almost any outfit.  For a comfortable fit, try one of you’re husband’s white shirts with the sleeves rolled up a little with some tights underneath.  Add a pair of red shoes and you’re good to go!  While in you’re husband’s closet, see if there are any old ties he wouldn’t mind parting with (or you don’t want to see him on him anymore) to cinch around your waist.

5.Shop online.  While Amazon or Overstock are a great place to start your online fashion search, I suggest using these broad shopping cites as a way to decipher which brands you like best and then going straight to the brand name or manufacturer’s website.

6. Tee is for Trendy.  T-shirts are the bane of my closet’s existence.  I have so many tee shirts from various events and projects that I’ve been involved in that I just can’t bare to part with.  Turning tees into anything from a dress to handbag is a great, inexpensive way to wear a t-shirt in a trendy way.

7. Bundle of Joy.  Whether its ebay or criagslist, buying your fashion items in ‘lots’ saves you time and money, plus the convenience of buying in the comfort of your own home.

8. Not Your Mama’s Closet.  In college, there’s no way I would have considered sharing any fashion item with my mother, save a classic pair of diamond earrings, but my new role as a mother has left me with a more beautiful, curvier body that finally fits well into women’s petite’s (no more Junior’s department for me!) Sharing clothes with friends and relatives is a great way to renew your wardrobe with paying a cent.Some more timeless fashion items are pricey and even on sale, they’re half of your part-time paycheck.  When it comes to these, buy them only as a last resort.  This is what Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day and your Grandmother are for.

9. Organize What You Have.  Organizing does not have to be expensive!  It can be as simple separating your hairpins from your earring into Ziploc storage containers and baggies, and placing them back in the drawer all together.  Also, separate your clothing by color, whether in the drawer or on a hanger. When you have your accessories and clothing at your fingertips, you’ll be able to coordinate more effectively and shop for what you actually need.

10. Scarf it down.  Adding almost anything to your neckline is flattering, but where necklaces can be expensive, a scarf serves purpose and person.  Try looking for scarves in, of all places, Hospital gift shops.  I know it sounds crazy, but I’ve frequently found that small gift shops love to throw the most fun sales (i.e. everything red, white or blue in the store is 25% off).

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