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The Noteworthiness of Social Media

1 Comment 21 May 2010


From Napster to Kazaa, where there’s a will, music lovers will find a way.  In the mean time, it was frankly embarrassing how often I would simply YouTube a video just to listen to the background music…pathetic!  Introducing Fetchmp3.  As with all music downloading sites, fetchmp3 depends on a community of contributes and listeners to work.  It takes the audio from YouTube videos allows you to download it in a listener-friendly format.  This is exactly what I’ve been waiting for! Its embarrassing how often I’ve YouTubed a song in lieu of buying it.  Unlike many of those sites, however, Fetch is completely legal.  The catch? It may takes a few minutes to convert each video into an mp3 format and then download it onto your computer.

As a listener, I’m also enjoying Pandora’s Music Genome Project, among other online radio services, which have actually made my dish-washing experience half-way enjoyable.

On the artists’ side, however, social media and musicians seem to be a match made in heaven.  Spinner is a prime example of this, especially if you’re not looking for your Top 40 Pop Hits, but songs for songs from the more underground or underappreciated music scene.  These hopeful musicians give their music out for free in exchange for a little attention. Of course, MySpace Music and Facebook have spin-off versions, which are no less viable.

On the other hand, being an artists sometimes involves a little narcissism for which Social Media maybe stumbling block.  Linda Laban of Spinner wonders,”Even when it comes to your favorite pop star or rock band, is there such a thing as too much information?”

Indeed, of the 20 most followed Twitter accounts, 10 of them are musicians!  Of course, that maybe why celebreties are so loveable.  I’m not complaining, as long as the music keeps coming.

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