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Calling All Girls: Unleash Your Potential!

17 Comments 28 June 2010

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American Girl is not merely launching their own charitable project. They are actively recruiting the widespread community of young girls to join them in their pursuit of good deeds. It is not about helping American Girl achieve a glorious goal, but a beautiful and innovative method of involving, inspiring, and encouraging these youngsters to spread the light.

shineonnow Calling All Girls: Unleash Your Potential! To begin with, today American Girl is debuting Shine On Now, an interactive site that requires young girls to spread the word to as many of their friends as they can. Through their efforts, American Girl will donate up to $1 million in clothes, books, dolls, and money to four charitable organizations. The site offers those involved a downloadable kit to guide the young do-gooders in fundraising and volunteering for those charities, or charities of their choice.

innerstaru Calling All Girls: Unleash Your Potential! Simultaneously, in honor of their shining stars, American Girl is launching a new virtual campus - Innerstar University - where young girls participate in fun and enriching activities to boost their confidence and strength. Since their inception, American Girl has focused on maximizing the potential of their customers, 3-12 year old girls.

myamericangirl.bmp Calling All Girls: Unleash Your Potential! Finally, American Girl is giving away a MyAmericanGirl to a most deserving girl! We are asking our readers to nominate a girl in their lives or in the community who embodies the bespoke charitable characteristics. In a paragraph, and without referencing the girls identity, please describe what it is that makes this girl stand out. We encourage you to include her outstanding activities and how she helps others in general. Based on your description, we will choose one girl to be awarded the doll, and will feature her right here on Social Media Mom!

The program ends July 31st. Please help us spread the word!

American Girl sent me free product samples as a part of my partnership in the Shine On Nowprogram. The opinions and content posted here is my own.

pixel Calling All Girls: Unleash Your Potential!

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17 Comments so far

  1. Esther says:

    Wow! Thanks for spreading the word on this truly laudable venture. American Girl dolls have just gotten a whole lot better!

  2. Darcie K says:

    My daughter is amazing. When I was diagnosed with cancer, my 9 year old wanted to do something special for other kids whose parents were going through treatments. She started a toy drive in the community and dropped them off at the local cancer center. She is currently involved in hockey, dance, cheer and girl scouts.

  3. Jeane says:

    Three years ago, my son and his wife became part of the inaugural committeed that started Walk Now for Autism, Sacramento. As a result, our whole circle of family and friends have become involved. They have raised over $500,000 for Autism research. Our next Walk is in early October! Can’t wait. Their daughter Collette has walked every year. She invites her friends to walk with that now we have over 75 people on Collette’s Crusaders!

  4. Anna says:

    I met the most wonderful child while volunteering at the local Food Bank last year (she was there to help, which was her own idea). We have become great friends, and I think her story is worth sharing.
    Let me introduce you to my little friend, M. She is a bright, beautiful, and so sweet 9-year-old girl. She was born with only one hand, which led her birth parents to give her up for adoption. I would like to say that she is living a much better life now, but at the end of last year, her adoptive parents both found themselves without a job and neither have had any luck finding one still.
    No matter what issues little M. has encountered, she has held her head high throughout her short life and has spent the past few months brainstorming ways that she can help OTHERS in a similar situation. She does not think of herself first, which is a very rare trait in humanity, let alone found in a little girl. All of her Christmas money, birthday money, etc. she has donated to others that need it, namely others that have been born with defects or those that live in impoverished countries. In fact, for her birthday, I wanted to carry her to the American Girl store to have a birthday brunch, but instead of spending her money there, she requested that we just contribute to her donation (which she sent to Haiti). She was content to just flip through the pages of the free catalog, dreaming of the day when she would have a nice doll of her very own. Her friends all have several of these beautiful dolls, many of the accessories, and I know that she feels left out sometimes when they compare, but she does not complain. Instead, she compliments them on their new outfits and has even started making furniture and storage cases for her friends out of miscellaneous boxes.
    I cannot think of a more deserving and more giving child than little M. and I really hope that with your help, we can make her dream of owning an American Girl doll come true. Thank you so much!

  5. Tamra says:

    I would like to tell you about my sweet daughter A. She is only going into second grade, but already has a heart of gold. Last Christmas she was very aware of a little girl in her class who was not going to have anything for Christmas. My daughter was so concerned about this, that she used her “American girl doll” savings to purchase this little girl a gift. After she gave the gift to the girl, she said, “now I can have a good Christmas, because I know that she got a present”. When the earthquake hit Haiti she came home with a list of items that they needed for hygiene kits. I picked her up from school and informed me that we needed to stop by the store first because there were people that needed our help. We went and picked out towels and toothbrushes and everything else on the list to send to them. She put the kits together and took them back to school the next day. Then her and I heard about a lady who was making stuffed dolls to take to an orphanage in Africa, so we made some to send with her. My daughter can’t sew yet, but she put elastic in the shirts and pants and helped stuff the dolls. She lovingly dressed them and got them ready to meet their new “mommies”. Her heart was so touched by these kids that had next to nothing, I think she would have sent all of her toys if she could have! In her class last year the kids earned prizes for their behavior and finishing assignments on time. She had earned two or three prizes. One day I was in her classroom and saw that her name was on the board and she had won a prize, when I asked her what she chose, she told me that she had already won enough prizes and had let another girl who hadn’t won yet pick something. She has an ability to see people and find reasons to love them. She frequently choses to spend time with someone who is alone rather than doing something that might be more fun. I would love for her to win this doll because she is such an example of service and that is what the shine on now program is all about. I can’t even imagine how happy she would feel not just to have an AG doll, but to win one because of her kindness!
    Thank you!!

  6. Elizabeth says:

    Wow! What an amazing initiative!
    I would like to take the time to nominate the American Girl in my life. I do not wish to share her name, so we will call her AG and let her experience and life story speak for itself.
    AG was only a baby when her father was murdered in the aftermath of 9/11, so she grew up without knowing her dad. Her father was an American hero, and she is at peace with the knowledge that he died for this country so that she could have a better life. AG is such a smart, brave, giving and spunky child.
    She regularly donates ALL of her money from bday/holiday/etc to children in Africa and China, and has also added Haiti disaster relief to her list of charitable giving. But with her, it is more than donating all of her money. You would think that a kid would want to keep at least a little of it, but that is not the kind of person that AG is. She visits the nursing home in our town and sings to the elderly, brings them flowers that she makes from scratch, and reads them stories. Her aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer last year and AG had the brilliant idea to organize a bake sale to raise money for breast cancer research. She even got a group from our community together for the 3-day breast walk and helped to raise quite a bit of money for the cause.
    Children mean a lot to AG, and she is always looking for ways to help them out in whatever way she can. She did a bear drive, where she got others to help collect new and used teddy bears to distribute to children that are taken from their homes when their families are being investigated by DfCS.
    AG has such a kind, loving heart and she is someone worth looking up to. Don’t let her life experiences get you down - she certainly does not let life get the best of her! Thank you!

  7. Michele Flaherty says:

    I would like to nominate my four year old daughter. She sang in church today and helped with the offering. She has come to me spontaneously several times and asked if she could give a special toy to one of her visiting friends. She loves to meet new people and play with anyone and everyone. I am so proud of her open and welcoming spirit. While she is still a little young to participate in many organized volunteer organizations, we are working in that direction. Every year we ask her friends to donate art supplies to the local moms club ( instead of bringing presents. She has visited the local animal shelter to play with animals and love them for a few minutes, so they are not alone all day. She also helps make baked goods for the local fire stations.

    Her most recent obsession is telling everyone that they are THE BEST mom, dad, friend, or “stephen” (eg) in the world. Well, she tells my husband that he is the best daddy in the whole wide CITY. That is just too cute to correct. *smile*

    We are collecting material to make some special pillow cases for kids in the children’s hospital network that is supported by ShineOn. My daughter is going to use fabric paint to paint special designs on some of them. We are going to organize this as event for several of her friends to participate in. She can’t wait to make a pillow that will make someone feel better!

    While I certainly don’t want her to grow up too fast. I can’t wait to know the person that she is destined to be. I am so happy that she is my child. I can’t wait to see the good that she is going to bring into this world.

  8. Ryan says:

    I would like to nominate my daughter. She is 6 years old and is such a neat girl! She loves to play with her sisters and is very good at sharing toys with them. One of the sweetest things she does is draw pictures for everyone she knows. She is always leaving notes under everyones pillows and knows how to brighten anyones day. When the earthquake hit Haiti, she was ready to give all of her clothes and toys to the kids over there. Her teacher at school told her about the kits they were putting together with soap, shampoo and other items, she put together some of the kits and was SO excited to take them back to school. She is always very generous at Christmas. She is also very aware of other children who are playing alone and is good at finding ways to include them. I think every time we go to the park she makes a new set of friends! The other day she chose to help my wife pull weeds in the hot sun over playing inside with her sisters. I am so grateful that she is a part of my life and that I get to watch her grow up!

  9. Cheryl says:

    I would like to nominate my precious daughter, (I’ll call) “Joy”. She started a group called Hopeful Hugs which helps bring hope and comfort to sick children in hospitals. Hopeful Hugs came about because of an ongoing undiagnosed illness she’s had for some time. (Her illness has slowly begun to improve and we are SO thankful for that!) Her difficult times in the past helped her to understand that there are so many children who have to stay at hospitals for indefinite periods of time. When they are there for so long, it is easy to lose hope when you feel horrible. Hopeful Hugs collects teddy bears and makes cards to encourage children in hospitals not to give up.

    In such a selfish time as we live now, It is incredibly encouraging to read about how these girls are caring for others ahead of themselves. THANKS GIRLS! SO PROUD OF YOU!

  10. Cher says:

    “Joy” is also an A.G. ambassador.

  11. Heather says:

    Our daughter was diagnosed with autism shortly after her second birthday. She is now six year old and after three years of in home behavioral therapy, was able to start in a mainstream kindergarten last fall. Her social skills have so improved during this last year. She has made amazing progress with the help of her wonderful therapists, tutors and teachers.

    Our girl is in gymnastics, taking swimming lessons (with great success), and has just started playing soccer on a team. She has a tender heart and is always helping out if anyone is in distress. Pats on the back and “It’ll be okay…” Also, she is quite a help around the house. She likes to help set the table and is very good about putting play things away when she is through with them.

    When we get together with other families with kids, “C” is always the leader. She currently loves playing “Pre-school” with these kids..and, of course, she is “Miss. C”, the teacher. It is so fun to see her read to them and then turn the book to show them the pictures. Her younger brother especially likes to play this game. Who knew that learning to read would be so much fun?

    We, also, do the Walk Now for Autism. Our girl invites all her family and friends to join her team and do the walk. Last year, she invited her whole kindergarten class. We make this a family/friends walk. It is a love fest as we are determined to have each and every one of our children lead full, productive. And by doing things like this together, we know WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

  12. Melanie says:

    I would like to nominate a little girl in my son’s preschool class. He was very shy and nervous about starting school. This little girl has been a great friend to him and helped him so much. My son learned to love school and progressed so much, partially because of such a great friend.

  13. jamie says:

    The girl I would like to nominate has a huge heart of gold. She enjoys helping and playing with the younger kids at the child care center. She would drop anything to help someone. Through her Girl Scouts group and her 4-H group she has had the chance to reach out to others in our community and learn how amazing it is to help others. Her interests include music, horses, books, and making movies. She is a beautiful person and I am very proud to call her my daughter.

  14. Stacey says:

    I’m nominating my niece. She is very involved in her community through the Girl Scouts, her church, and her school. She volunteers at the local library and she can’t wait til she’s old enough to volunteer at the hospital. She donates her gently used toys and clothes to the Salvation Army.

    Her father is currently stationed in Iraq and she has coped with missing him remarkably well. She’s sent items to him to give to the Iraqi children (like beanie babies-apparently the kids there love them!) She is kind to everyone she meets and helps her mother with her siblings at home. She helps in her community clean-ups and assists in the toy/clothing/food drives of her Girl Scout troop, school, and Church.

    She is one of the kindest little girls that I know-always willing to share, to listen, or to help. She loves to learn new things. She plays a wide variety of musical instruments and volunteers her time to helping the other kids in her classes learn.

  15. Debra Ferrie says:

    We get the American Girl magazine and I applaud the integrity of the company as a whole. This sounds like a great site

  16. This sounds amazing! The American Girl store by my house is so popular and girls are always coming out of there smiling and jumping. What a great chance for s young girl to get a free doll that looks just like her. Do you know who the lucky girl was?


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