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I try not to be a networking site junkie, but since my recent move I have to admit that my online community of friends has been a staple for me. I just completed my first year as a mother, and having a network of expert mothers (Mom’s logging in at least 10,000 hours of nose wiping, vacuuming and lullaby singing) at my fingertips has been a lifesaver.

This week, one of my favorite networking sites, MetroImma, honored me as their “Mom of the Week“!  Although I love blogging and discussing all kinds of topics with my online peers, its rare to get such a direct vote of confidence from them.  I’m an educator by day and a stealth mom and blogger by night, so I sometimes feel I’m at the fringe of the blogging network, but being named Mom of the Week has given me  a huge boost of confidence!  If I didn’t feel as if I were part of the blogging community before, I certainly do now.

So what’s next for this official Mom of the Week?  I was considering trying to take over the world (yes I’m young enough to give a Pink and the Brain reference), but maybe I’ll just settle for writing this blog.

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