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A Social Media Love Story

3 Comments 16 June 2010

Social media can be great for meeting new people and exploring personal and business relationships. For one couple, however, Social Media really has changed their lives.

Here’s the wedding proposal:


Here’s a video of the proposal:

Sara and Paul – otherwise known as @SurburbanOblivion and @PaulOFlaherty – are getting married. And the way they met is far from conventional. Sara and Paul did, in fact, meet online and are now hosting what Sara calls on her blog, Suburban Oblivion, a ‘Twitter Wedding’.

Living on opposite sides of the globe, their unconventional relationship began with a disagreement over a blog post, flourished through Skype calls and was heart-wrenching in its distance. Paul and Sara did, however, overcome the odds and the doubters and are tying the knot on June 19th at 4pm Central time:


In a manner harmonious to their online courtship, and engagement at a Tweetup, they are actively encouraging people to Tweet their way through the wedding, using the hash tag #Paul&Sara.

Twitter has fast become a way to make friends, influence others and share your opinion; now it is being used to allow people around the globe to share in the happiest day of two peoples’ lives.

Social media is a journey that society is just beginning, and as Sara and Paul take the first steps of the married lives together, through the power of social networking they can share it with those dearest to them, wherever they are.

A touching tale of two individuals brought together through social media just goes to show that however much we think we know about where social media may take us, we can never be certain where we might end up.

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