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Making the Internet Your Breadwinner

7 Comments 14 July 2010

CanYouReallyMakeMoneyOnline Making the Internet Your Breadwinner


“When I took office,” said Bill Clinton, “only high energy physicists had ever heard of what is called the Worldwide Web…Now even my cat has its own page.”  Indeed, over the course of the last two decades, the internet has gone from techie pet projects to a resource for the  privileged to a near necessity of business, if not life.  Whether you’re Bill Clinton’s cat, one of Facebook’s 500 million friends, or if you have twenty  minutes on the train  to and from your white collar job to blog on Blackberry, American personal and business lives and the internet have become inseparably intertwined.  If you’re company or work doesn’t involve some kind of online social media, said company may be in trouble!  There are dozens of ways to make (more) money on the internet, some more effective and lucrative than others.

Websites are one way to make money online, whether you have your own brilliant, unique idea or your building upon a previous idea and just need proper online representation.  According to Top Rank Online Marketing, the three marketing tactics readers will use most often are Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Network Participation, and Blogging.  So how does one going about doing such things and where/when does the money come in?

The idea is that you’ll have more hits on your site due to search engine searches relevant to your content.  To improve your site’s SEO, develop a glossary of keywords on your site (and blog, but more about that later) using a service such as Keyword Discovery or WordTracker.   In a similar way, Social Network Participation (such as Facebook) is a way to connect 500 million people (about 13% of the world’s population)  with your product or idea.  Blogging plays a slightly different role for a website.  It gives a uniquely human aspect to a website.  Its a way for websie viewers to  So here’s the money making part: the content.  Either your site simply enhances a previously established business or idea, for which online marketing simply brings you more customers or patrons.  On the other hand, if your main work is the site itself, quality content and aesthetics, along with SEO development is pivotal.  Providing quality leads us to another money making possibility: website development.

Someone has to have the umbrella idea and delegate and manage tasks of web design, writing and programming, but there are millions of ‘menial’ jobs for writers, artists and experts online.  These types of online tasks can be taken on in as freelance work or as regular work.  Writing is probably the most common form, mostly in the form of blogging and article writing, but even photographers and musicians can sell their work online.

If you don’t think you have any particular talent or artistic ability to add, you can also make money simply with your time, filling out surveys and writing reviews.  Sound Out, for example, helps amateur musicians upload and edit their music for a small fee.  They also pay reviewers to listen to the music and put in their two cents.  Of course you have to be careful surveys and such, as they can be tedious and the pay is not always worth the effort.  Also effective is the use of an affiliate marketing program.

The best part about online jobs is the scheduling, so why not try a little of it all?  You never know if something fits until you try it on, after all.

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  1. Sunita says:

    I do believe in online marketing, might try some myself

  2. This is good information. Many a times am asked for sites that could help in earning money via net. It would be great to know the sites that actually pay without asking for money before one starts to earn.

  3. Howard Shen says:

    Gret post!

    Sending you a trackback.

    Shared this post on my blog, too!

    To your success,

  4. Keisha says:

    Content is the new marketing online. But it’s not enough to just create content. I’m glad you pointed out that the content has to be built around a business.

  5. ali says:
    check this out. good stuff.

  6. Teena says:

    Very true indeed, it is already my breadwinner…


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