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Newsflash: Women Communicate Better than Men (On the Internet)

2 Comments 29 July 2010


I’ve noticed a strange phenomenon on Facebook recently.  My husband often posts videos of my son dancing, making messes or just being generally adorable.  When we check back a day or so after posting something, we’re anxious to see all of the comments from friends or family, but usually there’s only a few notifications, two from my  from my eleven-year-old sister-in-law (its at least amusing when she misspells a comment and  then comments about her misspelling, misspelling yet another word in yer explanation) and one from my mother.  When I share or post a video, however, I begin to get comments and “likes” almost immediately. In both cases, nearly all of the comments come from women, and in my posts, it seems my female friends (most of whom are friends with my husband as well) felt more comfortable commenting and liking.  My husband and I have a theory that while just as many of our male friends view our photos and videos, only women feel comfortable enough to express their feelings about it.

Yesterday morning, Com Score released a press release based off of their study “Women on the Web: How Women are Shaping the Internet,” stating that globally, 75.8 percent of all women, versus 69.7 percent of men, visited social network sites in May 2010; a 30% difference.   Okay, so women are on social networking sites a whole lot.  So what?  What I found more interesting was that although there are more male unique visitors on the interent, “women spend about 8 percent more time online, averaging 25 hours per month on the Web.”

Okay, so now we know that women spend more time online and visit social media sites more often.  So what?  How do these statistics prove that women are “shaping” the internet?

Extending beyond page rank and unique visitors per month, BlogHer collaborated with Access Blog Influence Engine (ABIE) to compare different measurement tools on single, weighted 100 point scale in order to determine women’s online influence and to create a list of the most influentail Mommy Blogs and Women’s sites. 

ABIE blogher lg Newsflash: Women Communicate Better than Men (On the Internet)


Although its nice to recieve credit for all of our hard work online, am I the only one who’s not in the least bit surprised?  After all, the internet is just another form of communication, which is just another one of those things in which women tend to excel.

pixel Newsflash: Women Communicate Better than Men (On the Internet)

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  1. Teena says:

    I guess so, I communicate better than my husband haha. Even offline, women communicate better :D . Nice post as always.


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