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Wake Up Sunshine: My Morning Personal Power Up

2 Comments 22 July 2010


I am not a morning person. In my household, we are professional snooze-button-hitters. Unfortunately, employers and crying babies aren’t really all that sympathetic to our ‘five more minutes’ pleas. In order to cope with this unnatural necessity to get up before eight am, I have created my Personal Power Up, which consists of four easy steps.  Free for an unlimited time, so read now and then read it again later!

Step One. The most essential step to my PPU begins the night before. Before you procrastinators begin to groan, just here me out. Its just one simple step: I absolutely must pick my outfit out the day before. If I don’t, I end up standing in my closet after having tried on three outfits that just don’t feel right and its already 8:34. Preferably, the outfit is cute and looks great on me, but we digress.

Step Two. The next step to my morning PPU, is simply to put on my glasses, open my window and stare outside at the growing morning light for a few minutes. This may seem silly, but the sun’s rays decrease melatonin (sleepy hormone) and increase serotonin (happy hormone). After absorbing a little bit of sunlight, I usually feel energized enough to slip out of bed and don the gorgeous outfit I chose the night before.

Step Three.  A wake up drink made with you in mind.  Tea, coffee, hot chocolate, lemonade, water.  My wake up drink changes daily, but the key here is that I make my husband make it for me.  I learned this from a good friend of mine, who made it her husband’s job to start the coffee pot before she even gets up.  Similarly, my husband is in charge of delivering my first drink at the kitchen table in the morning. I make his lunch, so I think its a fair trade.  It also gives us a chance to say a proper good morning to each other.
Step Four. If everything goes right, I’m up around thirty minutes before my baby.  This is just enough time for me to get dressed, enjoy my husband-made drink, and take on step four: morning pages.  Morning pages are 15 minutes of continuous writing. It helps me unload, especially if I wake up feeling stressed about the day ahead, or if I had a particularly disturbing dream.

Now I just need 2pm ppu and I think I’ll be set!

pixel Wake Up Sunshine: My Morning Personal Power Up


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  1. I really enjoyed this article, the best part is looking out the window and getting some needed sun. I have two large windows with the shades down above my head. I will turn myself around tomorrow morning pull up the blind and see what happens:) Thanks for the tidbit….love your site!

  2. Max K says:

    May i suggest going for a run in the morning, can also be used as a wake up call :)

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