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Blue in the Face

1 Comment 05 October 2010

map 21 Blue in the Face

This color-coded map depicts the popularity of social media sites around the world.  The color representing each site is its marketing color. Is it just me or is there a disproportionate amount of blue in this map?    While the color coding makes it difficult to discern one country’s preference over an other’s, it is interesting that so many of these sites choose to use blue as their accent color. Why is it that Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, WordPress, Pandora, and so many other social media sites use blue-hued backgrounds and buttons? Even the blue ‘Internet Explorer‘ icon has become part of internet culture!

According to a poll done on, 20% (the largest percentage) of over 180,000 polled internet users claim their favorite color is blue, so it makes sense to make internet’s default color blue, but I really am curious as to whether web designers and market researchers determined an entirely blue-schemed internet or if site designers are subconsciouly drawn to the color blue.  Perhaps a more interesting question, what is it about the color blue that drives people on the interent.  Why not pink or orange?  Even hyperlinks are usually blue!  What the heck is going on here?
What is it about blue that makes us all want to connect?

pixel Blue in the Face

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