Moms, Help Fight Pedophilia By Supporting “The Altruist”

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“A person unselfishly concerned for or devoted to the welfare of others.” (

Many are unaware of the plight of Cambodian children following Pol Pot’s reign of terror. Fifty percent of the population is now younger than 25, and a survey of these children shows rampant violence, poverty, and an active child-sex market in what some have called “the pedophilia capital of the world.”

Stockbroker John McGinley came to face these problems head-on after his 2003 vacation in Cambodia, where he witnessed these unspeakable acts. After dropping his career to focus on helping the children, he started M’Lop Tapang, an organization  dedicated to advancing education, training, resources, and opportunities for those in the Sihanoukville area.

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Over the past five years, Camille Hardman of BarkingCat Productions has shot over 80 hours of footage with the goal of making a documentary of McGinley’s work called The Altruist. But with principle filming complete  and the footage down to three hours, they’ve come up against a wall, needing more in post-production funds to cut the film down to a one-hour TV documentary.

You can help by participating in their Kickstarter Campaign or by visiting their fundraiser page. You can make a pledge, purchase a beautiful signed photo, or just help spread the word about The Altruist by sharing the trailer . . . If you allow yourself just a few moments to recognize the plight of these children, a helpful response will come naturally, as it did for John McGinley. Your contribution is greatly appreciated.

pixel Moms, Help Fight Pedophilia By Supporting The Altruist


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