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Top 3 Pool Safety Tips for Kids

1 Comment 23 November 2010

Young kids lack the cognitive ability to discern danger. It is the adult’s responsibility to protect these curious and energetic explorers from entering any body of water without supervision.

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Fortunately, many proactive strategies are out there providing multiple layers of protection to help you minimize the risk of a child “accidentally” falling in the family pool.

Supervision, coupled with barriers (including double door locks, door alarms, pool alerts and perimeter yard fencing), pool safety fencing, gentle swimming training and CPR/water safety awareness help keep our youngsters safe.

Here are 3 kid proofing items you need to do in order to keep your children safe:

1 - Adult Supervision at All Times

Always know where your kids are.  Around water, stay close while maintaining constant eye-to-eye contact and don’t leave a youngster unattended even for a second.  Never assume somebody else is watching your child.

2 - Install and Maintain Barriers Leading to the Pool

Little ones progress every day.  Today they sit, tomorrow they crawl. Toddlers can slip via an unlocked door in the time it takes to answer the phone.  Door and pool alarms can alert adults of unauthorized access or children getting into areas they shouldn’t be.

A see-through mesh type fence should completely surround the pool, with a minimum height of 48 inches. This pool safety fence is very important in separating one’s home and all of its exits from the pool.

Approved pool safety covers yet another layer of protection. Perimeter yard fences need to have self-closing and self-latching gates.

3 - Get Yourself (and Your Caregivers) CPR and First-Aid Certified

Preparing  an urgent situation action plan will keep you cool-headed in an emergency.  Maintain a transportable phone through the pool and post emergency numbers including 911 on all phones. Keep all playthings etc. out of your pool when not in use. Keep tricycles and other wheeled toys away from the pool area. It is never too soon to instruct your son or daughter on pool safety.

About the writer: Helen Teresa Patty is writing for the automatic pool cleaners blog, her personal hobby blog devoted to strategies to aid parents to help keep babies safe within their swimming pool.

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  1. If you own a pool, and a child is missing, check the pool FIRST. Drownings are the leading cause of death in children aged 1-4 in the state of Arizona (where I live).

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