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1 Comment 09 November 2010

online shopping Window Shopping


Black Friday is coming up and I’m psyched.  I’ve been quite the coupon and advertisement fiend lately, using retailmenot for all of my mall shopping coupons and for a good portion of my grocery and pharmacy items (hint: Drug Stores, such as Walgreens and CVS have some of the best sales around when you use manufacturer’s and store coupons together).  I spend hours scouring newspapers and store advertisements for the best deals around. In fact, its almost fanatical. has basically changed my life! I’m now more organized, buying things my family actually uses and getting deliriously excited when I show my husband my receipts when I get home. So here comes the ultimate test: Black Friday is upon us!  So, while I shop mostly in real-life, versus virtual life, the internet is absolutely indespensible when it comes to finding the right deals. I’ve never really been into the lines and the frenzy, but then this is the first time I’ve had a toddler who spend hours in our neighbor’s Cozy Coupe, just sitting there.
So this year, I’m saving up my catalogues and coupons for the ultimate Black Friday experience. Here is my course of action for the best savings.

  1. Of cousrse, sneak peeks at places like are a must if you want to plan the right way.  You’ll need at least a week to prioritize your purchases and mull over a plan (for example, I’m thinking about dropping my husband off at five at Target so I get to Walgreens by six…oh wait, who’s taking care of the baby…)
  2. Save, save and save. This is a two-parter. First, I’m trying not to use my best coupons until I can put them to the best use (my cereal coupons are always the first to go).  Second, I need to make sure I have lots of money in the bank for all those rebates and save-on-your-next-purchase deals.  For example, I need a new digital camera and my husband and I have agreed on a few options we’re hoping to see in the Black Friday ads, but we’re also armed with our MasterCard (which we use for big purchases to rack up points and we immediately pay it off) and store coupons we’ve collected for Staples, Target  and others.
  3. Get organized.  The best four-dollar investment I have made when it comes to organizing my coupons are six snack-sized bags, five plastic page protectors, and a three ring binder.  There are all kinds of organizing systems for coupons, but the most effective for Black Friday will definitely be a by-store system.  I’m planning on choosing just three (or maybe four) stores and making a list of the items and the savings at each so I know ahead of time where to go.
  4. When it comes to the actual retail shopping, I have a plan.  This may be a bit shameful, but I’m relying a bit on my pregnant belly to help with the crowds.  I’ve already got my brown and white horizontally-striped shirt picked out!
  5. Window shopping can include more than looking, especially if you’re talking about online sales.  If you’re not willing to brave the crowds, (or if someone has to stay home and babysit) this may be your best bet.

Remember, its never to early to shop smart!

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