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5 iPad Apps To Save You Cash

1 Comment 27 January 2011

Moms who buy iPads probably already have a decent grasp on their financial present and future, but money management is a ubiquitously popular theme among the web-savvy.  If you’re lucky enough to tout an iPad, take a look at the following applications.  They can help you by giving you a wide-angle as well as in-depth view of your finances and the market, but they can end up saving you cash in places you wouldn’t otherwise think to look.

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  1. After looking through various up-to-date as well as outdated (read: 6-plus-months ago) reviews of financial iPad apps, SplashMoney seems to take the cake.  Although capable of myriad and complex tasks, SplashMoney is still easy to use.  It can run independent of the desktop—it even downloads transactions you make at the bank or on your credit card via wireless—and setup of accounts, budgets, and reports can be performed entirely on the iPad.  You can password protect your information and schedule transactions with reminders.  If you want to feel in control of your money—all of your money—spend the $4.99 for the app.
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  2. PageOnce Premium is sort of a Mint application for iPad users (since Mint has been a little slow to get their iPad app going).  Similar to Mint, PageOnce downloads bank and credit card transactions to let you feel in control of your money, although unlike SplashMoney, it doesn’t allow for budgeting or reclassification of transactions.  You can, however, keep an eye on your frequent flyer miles, gift cards, social media accounts, and the like.  You’ll want to pay the $6.99 for the premium version, though, since the free version doesn’t allow for password protection.
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  3. powerOne is a powerful collection of 60 financial calculators that do everything from algebraic and RPN calculations to customizable spreadsheets.  With powerOne, you can fearlessly calculate price comparisons, investment values, loan qualifications, and more.  The mathematically-challenged need fear no more.
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  4. Thomson Reuters Marketboard lets you monitor market data, news, and events with access to a virtual “briefcase” in which you can save data you can access offline.  You can customize a watchlist to track certain companies or stocks and review a comprehensive snapshot (in PDF format) of any company.  For stock market enthusiasts and amateurs alike, the Marketboard is a keeper.

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  5. Coupon clippers rejoice: Cellfire lets you add your shopper cards and load coupons so that when you get to the register, they’re deducted automatically upon use of the card.  If a new coupon shows up, all it takes is 10 minutes before it’s ready to use after you load them onto your card.

Bio: Maria Rainier is a freelance writer and blog junkie. She is currently a resident blogger at First in Education, playing with the newly revealed degree calculator and looking into the fascinating world of gender wage gap research. In her spare time, she enjoys square-foot gardening, swimming, and playing with her Ipad.

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