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5 Comments 24 January 2011

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I’m not above googling a recipe or using a Facebook status to get a good recipe, but when I’m not sure what to make for dinner and as my son adds new foods to his diet (and vetos others) there are a few favorite places I go to browse the foodie social media sites to see what’s other people are making.  I have a small collection of cookbooks, and Spice and Spirit is still a go-to guide, but I get the majority of my recipes online. I was a huge fan of Recipe Zaar before they turned into, but something about the site doesn’t draw me or inspire to get up and cook.   Since the switch, about a year ago, I’ve visited my share of recipe sharing and foodie sites, most of which either weren’t user friendly or were just not what I was looking for.

My priorities for recipes are like this: kosher, cheap, healthy and easy.  I joined Delish recently and have been really happy with the variety of recipes and articles. Its easier to find dishes and techniques that appeal to me, and the free membership comes with all those little perks like your own couponbook, a grocery list maker and a menu planner.  Blogs are a more random source of recipes, and I haven’t seen one yet that fits with my lifestyle, but, a website dealing with frugality occasionally provides great ideas for simple and inexpensive meals. Finally, I can’t leave out cooking forums and the mother of them being  The general website is for members only, but they’ve graciously left the cooking forum open for anyone.  Some of my best recipes have been inspired by these kitchen-savvy immas! is a website I recently began to explore.  Its not as organized or commercial as or, instead it was made by real people trying to really save money and share their wisdom with others.  I’ve added it to my favorites and plan on visiting more.

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  1. Ellen says:

    Hi! I write and am definitely a “real mom” trying to save some money on food and wanting to help others learn to do the same. I would love to hear your ideas on how to make it better. It started out as a very small thing and I kept adding and adding… and suddenly it’s quite large. I tried to reorganize stuff recently, creating categories of articles and adding the left side navigation of types of recipes as well as articles. But it didn’t start out with a “grand plan” and it shows, I know. Anyway, I would love to hear any ideas you have to make it more useful for you. It’s not run on a database however (unless I bite a big bullet) so I’m pretty much manually adding things to different categories.

    I would love to make it even more useful to you and your readers.

  2. morahmommy says:

    Thank you so much for reading and commenting, as I said I really like your site and plan on using it often. I loved that your site felt so down-to-earth and it is organized, but it could be a little more enticing. I would say that more pictures by each category would help. Can you incorporate any flash into the site? Also, instead of listing the categories as you scroll down the page, it would be better to see them seperated more horizontally and within their own boxes. I’m no website designer (I just work here, what can I say), but I think those things would help. Thank you for taking the time to organize and keep up this website and I wish you much success with it!
    Morah Mommy

  3. You obviously have the same problem as many, asking yourself day after day “what can I make for dinner?” I experienced that so many times and asking family members what to make didn’t help. That’s why I created Spin-a-Recipe at where you play the slot machine and have it select the recipe. Then you can spin the wheels for different ingredients. You can make tons of vairations on just one recipe. Please come by and visit. It just may be the answer to your dilemma. Roberta


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