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KinKast Makes Private Video Sharing Easy

2 Comments 28 February 2011

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You know when you take those funny little videos on your phone and then you want to upload it and you can’t for one of a million reasons? The KinKast iPhone Application makes private video sharing quick and hassle free, so you’ll never have to scream at your phone again.

The private sharing allows you to share with only the people you send it to, seems simple enough, but most video sharing is not private. KinKast uploads go through a private website and the receiver will not need to make an account to access your video. You can also upload videos to Facebook straight from your camera. KinKast is intuitive as well, and you can access other features and apps while your video is uploading in the background.

With KinKast there are no limits on the size or length of your video, which is usually the reason most of us can’t upload our videos from our phones, you will never have to worry about this again. You can also upload from any camera by using your USB and going on to the KinKast website. The application uploads your file in increments, so if you were to lose your connection in the middle of the process it would start from where it left off once your connection came back. You won’t have to be worried about being charged by your carrier because KinKast uses WiFi, however, if you want to use 3G you do have the option to turn the WiFi off.

Your friends will be able to skip through the video, and with the Friends Filter, you will be able to see the videos they share. Your videos are automatically put into chronological order, making it easy for you to look up by day, month, year, even location. Your videos can be trimmed and lightly edited, as well, and they are automatically backed up on three different servers, so you won’t have to worry about doing it yourself or not having the option at all.

Try KinKast Basic free for 30 days, and get the fast, private sharing from any camera, and the option to post to Facebook. Once you are done with your free trial you will want to upgrade to the Premium version for $4.99 a month, or $49.99 yearly, which gives you access to everything, unlimited storage, and no advertisements. If you have KinKast, feel free to comment, and let us now how quick and easy the application is.

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  1. Kate Schulte says:

    I’ve been using KinKast for several weeks. It works as advertised. Funny how it’s become part of my daily life to share videos now.


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