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Mystery Doll Sale

1 Comment 08 February 2011

The Precious Baby Doll Company is offering a Mystery Sale so you and your biological or adopted child can adopt a doll from around the world. The mission of this company is to give your child a chance to learn about their adopted doll’s culture, food preferences, language, etc. This is an opportunity for you and your child to learn together in a fun and dynamic way. The sale has already begun and here is how you can get started:

1~ Buy $5 voucher through PayPal or to pay with Visa or Mastercard email Mary Beth Wells at

2~ Fill out form Mystery Sale Form-1 include coupon code, 1005.

3~ Choose three numbers between 1 and 750 (the second and third numbers are needed in case your first number has already been chosen).

It is that easy and you are welcome to purchase more than one voucher. With the mystery number you could receive $15, $20, or $25 off (there are 250 of each). One hundred of the numbers will receive a free book, that is the story of your child’s adopted doll, and another 100 numbers will receive a free stuffed animal for the baby. Each high-end doll is very detailed and unique, but made to be played with. At 18″ tall, with a vinyl face and limbs and a cotton beaded body, your adopted baby doll will be well-made and still easy for your child to hug and sleep next to. You may also look in the online store if you would like a less ethnic outfit.

The Founder of the Precious Baby Doll Company, Mary Beth Wells, began the company after adopting her own daughter from Guatemala, Sophia. However, this was not Wells’ first daughter - she relinquished her own at a young age to a very loving family. Though Wells may have struggled in her first experience with adoption she now has a relationship with her birth daughter and has been inspired by her darling Sophia to understand, love, and embrace other cultures rather than judge them or to simply be unaware of them. Adopting these dolls gives us a new and creative way of teaching our children diversity and the joy of adoption.


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