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The Evolution of the TV Mom

1 Comment 21 February 2011

The TV mom has transformed over the years, and it is very interesting to see how each matches the time. Every show represents the era on an over the top scale. Beginning with the 1950s, let’s see how not only the moms have changed but the times. What do today’s TV moms represent?

1950~ June Cleaver


The 1950s were a time when women were supposed to have dinner on the table by five and always be a portrait of perfection. June Cleaver, from Leave it to Beaver, made the world behind the white picket fence seem like the place every child growing up wanted to be.

1960~ Samantha Stevens


The lovely Samantha Stevens of Bewitched, strived to be the perfect wife, despite the fact that she was a witch. What she wanted more than anything was to be normal, which meant absolutely perfect.

1970~ Carol Brady


Carol Brady of The Brady Bunch represented the mom everyone wanted: easy-going, funny, and beautiful. Like most shows at this time there was always a lesson to be learned and corny antics to look back on and laugh about now.

1980~ Elyse Keaton


Elyse Keaton was a working mom, with three kids, and the loving husband. Family Ties showed the beginning of what would truly be a TV mom revolution. The problems became more serious and realistic, at least in comparison to the shows before it.

1990~ Jill Taylor


The Home Improvement mom was the mother of three boys and one of the first we saw go back to school during the show and start a career in psychology. Jill Taylor was always loving but truly had a say in what was going on in her household, more so than any of the TV wives and mothers before her.

2000~ Lorelai Gilmore


The single mother of one daughter in the hit show Gilmore Girls, represented youth and the cool mom who actually made mistakes. The show tried to give off the vibe of mother and daughter growing up together rather than mother always teaching her child big important lessons.

2010~ Claire Dunphy


The beautiful Claire Dunphy of Modern Family is raising two teenage girl, a young boy, and pretty much her husband too. The homemaker is a bit more high-strung than our other mothers and always has a million things going on at once. She represents the modern housewife and all the multitasking that entails.

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