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5 Sites That Will Brighten Your Day

3 Comments 09 March 2011

The internet is a big place, so when you need a break from all the chaos and obligations of your day, it can be a wonderful escape. If you are getting tired of the same old sites or just want to check out something new and positive, the following five sites are ones that are established but not given nearly enough credit. Today, step out of your online routine and learn something new while being entertained.

1~ Youniverse

Youniverse is actually a social network - you can add friends, put up your interests and biography, but the best part of this site are the quizzes. This site focuses on Visual DNA, meaning, the questions on the quizzes are answered through pictures - so you learn about yourself and your friends based on how you see things. The quizzes are addictive and the results are extremely detailed and so much fun to read.  5 Sites That Will Brighten Your Day


2~ Gaia

Gaia focuses on six elements: spirituality, health and wellness, sustainable living, conscious media, relationship, and personal development. The site is very detailed and features wonderful articles and information. Gaia means “land” or “earth”, the site branches from the company/university, Gaiam. Whether you want to learn about the spirituality of another culture, or keep it light and read an insightful article about better living, Gaia is a great place to go to lift your spirits and maybe even improve your lifestyle.

gaia com1 5 Sites That Will Brighten Your Day


3~ 1000 Awesome Things

1000 Awesome Things is currently featuring number 292, Skinny dipping somewhere you shouldn’t be. Originally a book, the site started in 2008 as a countdown of awesome things. The writing is stylish and easy to read and you can even submit your own awesome things. The site is very creative and sometimes humorous, for instance: number 991, this post went through the life of really, really old tupperware, it makes you laugh and it is actually very interesting to think about. You will have quite a few “I never thought of that” moments on this site.

1000 5 Sites That Will Brighten Your Day


4~ Goop

Goop is a blog by actress, Gwyneth Paltrow. The site’s presentation is clean and simple. It offers tips and articles on cooking, travel, great buys, and better living. The actress’s status and amazing connections bring readers the best, professional advice and she has tried most things first-hand and can give reviews. The site is fun to read, positive, and motivates you to start planning that trip or make that fancy dinner. You can also sign up to receive the weekly newsletter.

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5~ Happy News

Happy News is a wonderful site, it will warm your heart and maybe even bring a tear to your eye. The site focuses on heroic acts, true kindness, and the virtue of humanity. The writers of the blog believe that true news is the good news and these are the topics we should be discussing. The articles are fantastic, the site is not flashy, but bright and positive. They offer many different categories, so you will never get bored, and you will have something enlightening to read everyday. medium.jpg 5 Sites That Will Brighten Your Day


pixel 5 Sites That Will Brighten Your Day

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