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Manga and Anime: A Parent’s Guide

0 Comments 17 March 2011

Over the past ten years, manga and anime have become popular with kids all over the world, leaving parents easily overwhelmed and uninformed. Manga are Japanese comic books, often what anime are based on, have an entire section of bookstores reserved for them. Anime, Japanese cartoons, are different from American cartoons and can be found on various television stations, especially Cartoon Network. These forms of entertainment may be daunting to tackle, but they aren’t impossible for parents to understand or even enjoy.

ANIME CLUB1 Manga and Anime: A Parents Guide


One of the best things about manga is that the companies publishing them in the US put ratings on the back covers. Every manga in the store has a rating, most of which are rated on the side of caution. Shonen Jump, a subsidiary of VIZ media, are almost always appropriate for all children. They are typically aimed at boys and revolve around ninja, sports, and other subjects more typically associated with boys, but are often popular with girls as well, especially titles like Naruto. Shonen Jump goes a step further to help parents with a second line, Shonen Jump Advanced, which are for older teens, 14 (or so) and up.

VIZ has another subsidiary called Shojo Beat, which, you may have guessed are aimed at girls. Just looking for those logos can make picking out manga for your kids easier and when in doubt, look through the books. It takes less than an hour to get through a whole volume. You may even enjoy the stories as much as your kids.

The shows on Cartoon Network are always for all ages unless they are shown between 11 PM and 5 AM during Adult Swim. Another great resource for anime and manga both is If you already know what your child is interested in, you can search for titles to find out ratings as well as suggestions for new titles. There are even advanced search options that allow you to search by rating/age and genre, among other things. Engaging in these new forms that your kids are growing up with not only helps you connect with your kids, but you may find that you enjoy them as well.



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