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Webcomics You Should Be Reading

0 Comments 30 March 2011

Webcomics are comics that are published online and can be created and read by anyone. These have become extremely popular in the past several years and finding a good one can take some skill. Here are three that are sure to make you laugh.


1~ Penny Arcade

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As the king of webcomics, according to, Penny Arcade is the comic for nerds. The comic is playful and about twenty-something roommates commenting on video games, social events, and making obscure internet culture references. Always hilarious and the guys have even started a charity called “Child’s Play.”


2~ Kawaii Not


Kawaii is the Japanese word for cute, and this comic is just that. It’s the comic for cute gone bad. The panels range from three to four, placed on the page vertically. The cutesy style only serves to make the content funnier. From clouds to coffee, the ordinary becomes hilarious with this adorable comic.


3~ Dinosaur Comic


The Dinosaur comic takes the same six panel setup, a clip art T-Rex stomping a cabin and his friends, and changes the dialogue each time. The content is random and absurd and sure to make you laugh. This six panel comic was actually used by a Japanese teacher who had his students write on the comic as an exercise in English. Adorable and funny.

4~ ncomment


The blog, ncomment, features the comic about the character, Digg. The comic, that was given life in 2008, became popular quickly. The site is to the point - it is about this comic and not cluttered with every other comic strip there ever was. It is fun to read and easy to navigate.

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