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Four iPhone Apps A Parent Shouldn’t Live Without

1 Comment 18 April 2011

Social media has reinvented the way we live our lives in a lot of ways. As parents, many of us think that social media is just one more distraction keeping our kids from doing homework or getting enough sleep at night. However, there are several new media applications out there aimed specifically at making the lives of parents run more smoothly.

It’s difficult to believe that something as small as a cell phone can actually help parents become more organized, time efficient, and even relaxed, but it can. With over 80,000 applications to choose from, the iPhone offers plenty of opportunities for distraction. But, after sifting through several potential lifesavers, there are many applications that can make parenting run more smoothly. Now, I’m not trying to say that these four applications will make you a better parent, but they can certainly make your life a little easier.

1~ WebMD Application


The first app can seriously come in handy for parents is the WebMD iPhone app. WebMD Mobile enables parents to look up specific symptoms and then try to narrow down what might be ailing their kids. I’m not suggesting that this application should take the place of professional medical advice, but it can be very helpful with narrowing the diagnosis and easing a worried parent’s nerves. If your child has a stomachache, minor rash, fever, cough, etc., WebMD Mobile can be a great resource for preparing for the doctor visit and educating yourself.

2~ Time-Out


Another great iPhone application that is available to parents is the Time-Out application. This application can be downloaded for free and offers a simple timer to help keep track of a child’s time-out duration. As we all know, kids can be completely unpredictable at times. And, more likely than not, our kids are going to act up and the most inopportune times. So, when your child misbehaves and you are away from home this app introduces a great way to stay organized and set a routine with time-outs.

3~ Sit Or Squat


Another lifesaving iPhone app for anyone is the SitOrSquat: Bathroom Finder. As I’m sure you can imagine this app can come in especially handy for parents. We’ve all been there, we’re out running errands grocery shopping, the bank kids in tow, one second the kids are fine and then suddenly little Mary needs the bathroom right this second. SitOrSquat finds all the public bathrooms that are located near where you are at that time and gives you the hours of the establishment where they are located. This app makes finding a bathroom quick and painless before Mary is on the verge of screaming and you are slipping into major stress mode.

4 ~ Disney World Wait Time


As parents of young children, it is inevitable that at least one family vacation is going to involve a day long trip to a Disney Theme Park. And, while Disney World is absolutely a place for magical adventure, it is also a place for standing and waiting in horrendously long lines. To be quite frank, for parents the Disney parks can be more of a nightmare than a dream come true. The free Disney World Wait Time application for the iPhone can be a life saver for any Disney vacationer. This app offers minute-by-minute updates on how long the lines are for the rides at the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom. Using this app during your vacation will keep you one step ahead of all of the crowds and waiting, helping you plan a family day that is fun and efficient.

There are many who argue that social media has had a negative effect on the world. Taking an already attention deficit species and throwing flashing lights, bells, and whistles in front of it isn’t going to have all positive effects. With the constant buzz of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and more, social media critics may have legitimate reason for concern. However, others profess that social media has benefited our species in countless ways. Enlightening us about events around the world, bringing us closer together as a human species, and making things immensely easier for us throughout the day, are all benefits many would argue outweigh the bad.

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