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Kicking It Old School with Your Kids

1 Comment 11 April 2011

The internet and social media may seem to have pushed us into a new age where all you need to have fun is a computer, leaving behind the great games we had as kids. These games are great for getting to know the people in your neighborhood and social media sites are great places to organize fun activities for kids in your community.

If you live near a park that has a fairly large open space, there are a number of games you can play if you can get people together. One thing you can do is start a Facebook page or even a Yahoo Meetup group for people with kids in your area. With spring and warm weather just around the corner, outdoor games are ideal.

There are several great outdoor games that you can teach your kids to play. Red rover, freeze tag, potato sack racing, and hide-and-go-seek are games that both kids and adults can enjoy. These games can easily be played with 10 people. If you get enough, the kids can play by themselves while the parents socialize. Make it a picnic and you’ve got a fun afternoon covered, especially once the boredom of summer break sets in.


For rainy days and cold weather, there are some fun old games that you can teach your kids as well. In the past couple of years, there has been a renewed interest in old video games. Old systems like the Atari or early versions of the Nintendo can often be found at yard sales or online. Dust off these old systems and show your kids what you had to play with. They may even find these games challenging: 8-bit is pretty difficult to work with if you’re used to today’s gaming systems. And who doesn’t like Duck Hunt?

There are also non-video games that can be played indoors. A personal favorite is sardines, a game that, I would argue, isn’t just for kids. There’s nothing funnier than five or six of thirty-somethings trying to hide quietly in a shower or closet while their friends look for them. Charades is another old favorite. Help your kids write out some things that can be acted out, put them in a hat, and call some friends over. These games are a great way to connect with your kids and make some new friends in the community.


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  1. Jaime says:

    omgosh sardines was one of my favorite games as a kid! it kept us kids entertained for HOURS!!!

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