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The Not So Tedious Task Of Becoming A Princess

0 Comments 27 April 2011

The fairy tale wedding may give Catherine Elizabeth Middleton the title of Princess but actually living up to her title is a whole different story. The truth, however, is that Kate’s transition may not be nearly as tedious as Princess Diana’s. The Princess of the digital age is coming into court at a time when the royal family is more relaxed and looking forward to her grand entrance.

Kate, 29, met Prince William, 28, at The University of St. Andrews, where she graduated with honors in Art History - she will be the first princess with a college degree, and as far as best college rankings go, she acquired it from a great one. Unlike Diana, who met her Prince 13 times before becoming his wife, Kate has been dating Prince William for 8 years and will be the first to have lived with a member of the royal family before marriage.


Kate has not had to take on nearly the amount of princess training that Diana suffered. She said in an interview that what she found the most strange was that she had to watch videos of Diana. She was also told to always keep her legs together when stepping out of a vehicle, and to never become upset or speak negatively to the paparazzi. She will also have to learn proper address to all members of court and study ‘The Order of Precedence to be Observed at Court’.

Though Catherine will be known by most of us a Princess Kate, since she was not born a princess she will be known, formally, as Princess William of Wales. Also, many have wondered if Kate will become Queen if William takes the throne - Kate will not be formally known as Queen Catherine, but Queen Consort.

Currently, Kate is preparing for her fairy tale wedding, touring the palaces and grounds, and meeting senior officials. She has the potential of becoming as great and popular as the People’s Princess, Diana. Whether or not that happens is yet to be seen, but all of the tools are in place.  Let’s see if she can live up to the hype.

pixel The Not So Tedious Task Of Becoming A Princess

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