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Throw A Rock Band Party

0 Comments 04 April 2011

One of the best group games that has come out in the past ten years is Rock Band, which allows from one to seven players (if you get multiple microphones and the system that offers harmony) to rock out to their favorite tunes.

rock band Throw A Rock Band Party



Rock Band is fun and exciting  because for a couple of hours, everyone gets to pretend to be a rock star and jam out on instruments that we all know we can’t play. It truly is a great kids birthday party idea. The songs range from the classic to the modern, so there are songs for every age group to enjoy. The instruments are easy to learn to play with few buttons, making it easier for people who have trouble with today’s controllers to engage in a video game.

A Rock Band party can offer a chance for a large group of people to get together and have fun. If your friends have systems of their own, multiple stations can be set up in the house so the kids can be in one room and adults in another or for people with same tastes in music to do the songs they want while others can sing different ones.


Another great thing about Rock Band is that adults don’t have to worry about being destroyed by their children in the game. Let’s face it, kids are a lot better at this stuff and if you’re playing against them, you’re likely to get creamed. Rock Band allows each player to set their difficulty level so a novice and an expert can play at the same time without one getting killed early on. Rock Band is also about having fun rather than winning. While there are tours that the band can go on to open new songs and accessories (if you have Rock Band 3), there is also the option of picking songs as you go or of creating a set list of songs that you want to play.


Rock Band is a low key game that is more about the enjoyment of playing than winning. It’s also a game that adults should be able to keep up with the kids on. Rock Band parties can be lots of fun and a good way to spend a cold or rainy day indoors. Since a lot of people have the system already, it’s also a party that can be organized rather cheaply, with the most expense on food and drinks. Want to spice the party up? Have guests dress like rock stars. Rock on!

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