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Tips For Living More Green

1 Comment 22 April 2011

Green is no longer just the color of envy or money, it is a very positive movement. By doing a few of these tips, you too can join the movement and help to protect our environment. These tips are very cost efficient, as a matter of fact, some may even save you money. I have also included an infographic that make your jaw drop. So in the spirit of Earth Day let’s get a little more green!

green environment Tips For Living More Green


Donate or Recycle Electronics

Many communities now have drop boxes for cell phones to be recycled and their should also be some type of electronic waste collection service available to either drop off larger electronics or even send them in. Electronic waste contains mercury and many other toxins, which is why it is so important to dispose of these carefully.

Consider Other Forms of Transportation

Not only will this save you money on gas but walking or biking will also help to keep you in shape. If your destination is too far away, consider possibly using public transportation, maybe even buy a bus pass for a few months. It is beneficial to know the bus routes anyway and most public transportation are also trying to go green and emit fewer emissions.

Save Energy and Water

There are many ways to save energy and water. First of all, it is good to lower your thermostat just a bit in the winter and raise it in the summer. Also, it is best to turn off your appliances and electronic devices but even off, if they are still plugged in they use 15 to 20 watts. As for saving water, get an inexpensive aerator for your faucet - this will save heat as well. Also, take shorter showers and don’t leave the water running when it doesn’t need to be on.

Use Less Paper

Try to minimize paper use as much as possible, maybe even consider getting an e- reader with an e-ink screen - this will also save energy. Also, if you end up having scrap paper after printing, keep it, you will eventually use it. When you can’t get around using paper, try buying recycled paper - it still isn’t the best but it is a step closer.

Minimize Packaging Waste

This would be like bringing your lunch in a paper bag everyday when you can just put it in a reusable container. You can also buy more products in bulk as to save on individual packaging and excess waste.


earth day internet infographic3 Tips For Living More Green


pixel Tips For Living More Green

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