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A Perfect Mother’s Day Afternoon

1 Comment 04 May 2011


Mother’s day is a very important day and while many are doing the usual: cookout or spa day out with mom, some of us might want to change it up a bit. This year I propose a day in with mom. There are three areas to think about here and the good news is it won’t cost you much and you get to enjoy the comfort of home.

The Mood

Choose the room or area you want to spend the most time in and set the mood - you want it to be laid back, refreshing, and fun. Weather permitting, open some windows let the spring breeze and sunshine roll in and help start the afternoon. Get some music going, some ideas would be: Norah Jones or Ingrid Michaelson - something light and fun in the background, and something mom will enjoy and that will help her to relax. Choose a color to go with, maybe blue, blue is calming. Get blue flowers as a center piece, and maybe blue plates and napkins.


The Meal

Have your mother have a seat in the kitchen with you while you finish up cooking. Pour her some tea or coffee and enjoy the conversation and old inside jokes. Some good ideas for your meal would be homemade soup and salad, chicken breast and tortellini, or possibly paninis and steamed veggies. It is best to keep it light and healthy so you can maintain the mood. For dessert, consider a nice sorbet, or if you have an ice cream maker going homemade might be a fun activity for you and mom.


The Memories

Now it is time for the fun. Instead of going to a salon for your mani-pedi, do it yourself. Get two large bowls and fill with warm water and simple bath salts, lavender is a great choice for a calming affect. Then enjoy some glasses of lemonade or tea as you let your feet soak. You can even go all out and do face masks and warm neck towels. Another fun idea would be to have a massage therapist come to the house. If you have a school near you that offers massage therapy classes sometimes the students make house calls for really low prices to gain experience. Once you are both relaxed, let your mom pick out her colors and give her a mani-pedi yourself.



Your mother will appreciate the creativity and staying low key and just getting to spend tie with you. So this Mother’s day have a little fun outside of the usual box.

pixel A Perfect Mothers Day Afternoon

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  1. grace @ahead says:

    i wish my mom is here with me, or i’m there with her on her special day so i can pamper her like this! thanks for sharing!
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