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Pretty Padded Room: Therapy Meets The Internet

2 Comments 11 May 2011

In some parts of the world having a therapist is as common as having a primary care doctor, while other parts of the world shun the idea of therapy. For those out there who don’t live their lives like a Woody Allen movie, there is another option. Rather than laying on your therapist’s couch releasing the baggage of the day, you can do it on your own couch - now that the internet has truly thought of everything.


Pretty Padded Room is online therapy for those with little time and who don’t want to sign a contract for their release. The site offers online sessions by licensed therapists, a digital diary, and a blog with many helpful articles from work stress to eating disorders. As a member you can get four sessions a month at 30 to 45 minutes, and also journal consultations to discuss your digital diary.

The services offered by Pretty Padded Room make it easy for those who need to talk to a professional but may not have the means. So as long as you have the internet, help really is just a click away and the accredited psychologists keep your information private and are there to work around your schedule.

For more information and pricing, or to start a free personal online journal click here.

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  1. grace @ahead says:

    i like the concept of the pretty padded room. it’s like an easier way for therapy. is it effective and cost efficient though? thanks!

    I hope you can also check out our site at thanks!

  2. Looking at the photo is therapy for me. Sounds really neat and a great idea for those who don’t want to commit to a doctor or sessions. Now that everything is starting to go viral, this is another great step to allowing comfort to internet users. Do these therapists also use Skype for face chat?

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