How To Get Great Stock Images Without Overpaying

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As someone who writes for a blog I have to deal with copyrights on images that I use. I am always sure to credit everything and I try to get things through Creative Commons as much as possible. I have also tried using image sites to simply go ahead and buy the photo so I won’t have anything to worry about, the problem with this is that they can be expensive and quite often, not worth it. Recently I was told about Fotolia, and I thought it was worth sharing, especially if you have a blog or want to start one.

The most you will usually ever have to pay is $0.75 and sometimes you can get the images for free. The site is updated by photographers and designers everyday and the images really work for blogging and for print. Another great feature is that they offer video clips for advertising purposes, blogging, and other creative uses. You buy credits to get the clips, 25 credits will cost you around $30 and you can buy two small web clips for that or one big web. You really get your money’s worth with Fotolia and you don’t feel like you’re stealing from the artist, which makes me very happy.

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I’m including a video from Fotolia’s youtube channel that shows many of their images, so you can get an idea of how professional the work is. Let us know if you have used the site or if you have any other secrets to getting great images without overpaying or offending the artist.




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