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My Word Wall Application For iPhone

0 Comments 02 June 2011

The new application My Word Wall by Punflay helps your child to build confidence in reading and writing at an early age. The age range is from about preschool to first grade. The child has four choices of games they can play or they can choose writing abc or words.

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The child is able to see, hear, say, and write with the choices. The four games are See & Find which is like playing Memory but you match the word with the picture. Hide A Word lets your child search for words in the dark, once the word is revealed the childlike voice says the word then shows a picture. The game bubble words is slightly harder because the child will have to spell the word using letters within bubbles floating on the screen, not all letters fit. The final game is Jigsaw Words, where your child must put together the puzzle pieces to make the words.

The other two options are Writing abc and Writing Words. With abc the child chooses a letter and then repeats how the letter sounds and then sees it in a word. With Words, the child chooses a word family (i.e. am, an, at, ar, etc.) and then a word is formed. Your child will win stickers and see words they’ve  made on their wall. They can also change the the background on their wall.

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