How To Get Organized And Save Money

1 Comment 20 July 2011

Growing up my father always told me: “when you turn 18 your life is your own.” Before I ever turned 18 this sounded great, after the fact I realized what he meant. When it comes to saving money and staying organized, there is far more to it than just making lists and checking them twice. NO - it requires time, research, and planning, and every once in a while learning the hard way. The following is a list from MoneyBucket that I have found to be very helpful in getting you, or your son or daughter prepared for the less attractive part of everyday life, especially in today’s economy.

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pixel How To Get Organized And Save Money

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  1. Great resourceful article on how to save money in an organized fashion. The added bonus is that it also shows how to organize your time all while saving money. Excellent Job.

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