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4 Things To Fake

1 Comment 03 August 2011

As a woman I know that we get the stereotypical name “fake” if our hair doesn’t match our eyebrows, or if our tans are year round. But I feel there are some things that should be faked, or enhanced, only to bring out the best in all of us. These are my own personal feelings so please proceed with caution.

1. Hair

hair dye2 4 Things To Fake


Yes, fake until you fall. As women, our hair is a symbol of self. We should be able to curl, dye, straighten, and cut to our heart’s desire. It is our own and one of the only things that can take our moods from 0 to 10 in a matter of hours. Dye on ladies, Dye on!

2. Nails

nails shellac 4 Things To Fake


Now I say this with caution, and from experience. Getting a manicure and pedicure could be one of the most wonderful pleasures a woman can have. Walk in salon, ask for a manicure, pay 20 bucks and you’re out with a new attitude and craving for life. The best manicure now-a-days is the Shellac. This manicure that takes roughly the same amount of time as a basic manicure and stays chip-free for almost 5x longer! Get rid of those nail-destroying acrylic nails and do your fingers a favor, Shellac.

3. Your boobs

bra perfect fit 4 Things To Fake


Like I said before, please proceed with caution for this can be a sticky subject. I am not talking about surgical enhancements; this fake is strictly a knife-free zone. As a mother and woman I know how seriously we take our chest. They might be annoying, hard to fit places, and distracting to others, but they are our own and should be respected. The reason I put this subject under “to be faked” is because we are all made differently, but have one in thing in common, when we feel confident it’s because of a little, or lot of lift and separation. Finding a great-fitting, sexy bra is like winning the Super Bowl for women! So fake it! No one has to see the amount of padding, thickness of straps or even the color, all they need to see is you feeling confident and true to yourself.

4. Confidence

Confident Woman 4 Things To Fake


I am a true believer of the notion fake it till you make it and having confidence, even when you feel like a snail running the race, it is something that no one else can take from you. People are attracted to confident people, just like they are attracted to the person smiling in the corner. Have you ever noticed that having a smile on your face automatically brightens the room? Confidence is key in business, family, many other situation; it makes you trustworthy and attractive. So fake it ‘till you make it!

Erin Fuquay graduated from Indiana University with a BA in Advertising Communications.  Since graduation she has worked with two different advertising agencies, and has experience with traditional and social media. She is a mother to the brilliant Sophia Ann, who is 4 3/4 (in her own words).
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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Nicely done! There is nothing better than a great mani/pedi! There is also nothing wrong with a little push up. Confidence - when in the right situation hamming it up can be used to your advantage!

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