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3 Creative Ways To Use Photography When Decorating Your Baby Shower

1 Comment 31 August 2011

Looking at photographs is a great activity for people to bond. So why not use them throughout your baby shower? There are many creative baby shower ideas and ways to incorporate photos into your upcoming party. I’ll be covering 3 of them in this article: a wall mural, your invitations, and creating a photo album of the event.

1- Memories Wall Mural

photograph baby shower 3 Creative Ways To Use Photography When Decorating Your Baby ShowerDon’t you just love looking at pictures of your friends when they were little? It’s so interesting to see the changes and the growth over the years. To add some fun to your baby shower, select pictures of the mom and dad when they were little and create a big mural on a wall. Also have current pictures of the expectant mommy. Enlarge many of the photographs so that they can easily be seen by everyone. The husband’s can go on one side and the wife’s on the other.

A cool idea is to have a big heart made out of card stock and place a picture of the couple in the middle of the mural. The background doesn’t have to be a heart. It can actually be whatever theme you have chosen to go with. So if you were throwing a noah’s ark theme baby shower you could cut out a large Noah’s ark to be the center point of the mural.

Then write your favorite romantic saying above the center picture. Sayings can be ‘Love Forever’ or ‘All You Need is Love’. For a more personalized mural, ask the expectant mother what her favorite saying is and use that one.

2- Special Baby Shower Invites

pink baby shower 3 Creative Ways To Use Photography When Decorating Your Baby ShowerTransform your invitations into a memory that will be cherished. Have the mommy take professional pictures of herself displaying the baby bump with her husband. Pick out the best picture of the couple and make it the basis of the invitation.

The front of the invite will be the photo and the event information will go on the inside. Paste magnetic strips onto the back of the invite. The information could also go on the back of the photo together with magnetic strips on the edges of the invitation. This will make a cute frame that can be put on the refrigerator.

If you prefer, instead of making the photo frames as invitations, you could use them as favors for guests to take home. Make sure that the frames match the theme that you chose for your shower. If you want to use an animal theme, then you’ll want to check out these monkey theme baby shower gifts for more ideas. Friends and family will love your creativity.

3- Creating a Baby Shower Scrapbook Album

scrapbook baby shower 3 Creative Ways To Use Photography When Decorating Your Baby ShowerPurchase a photo album along with several scrapbook items. Set up a ‘scrapbook table’ with all of the supplies in a corner of your party. Have a variety of scrapbook sheets out so that guests can freely work on them. This album will be for the baby shower event.

Each sheet can be focused on one aspect of the party: the food’s table, the favors’ table, the entrance way, the gift opening moment, game time, friends and family, etc. There can be more than one sheet made for a certain aspect. Guests can also add a special message with a fine pointed pen to the scrapbook and sign it.

It’s best to have someone responsible for taking all of the pictures; whether a professional photographer or a talented friend. The best pictures are the ones where special moments get captured. Pages for these photographs can be done later.

When pictures get developed, the hostess can add the finishing touches and gift the expectant mother with her scrapbook. A virtual album can be created online; on a blog, Facebook, Flickr, etc. That way, guests can be emailed the link of where the album is for everyone to easily see.

eren mckay 3 Creative Ways To Use Photography When Decorating Your Baby ShowerI hope these ideas inspire you when organizing your baby shower. Remember that any idea can be adapted to combine with what you’re doing. The most important thing is for everyone to enjoy themselves.
Blessings always,
Eren Mckay

pixel 3 Creative Ways To Use Photography When Decorating Your Baby Shower

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