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How To Shop At Discount Stores

0 Comments 17 August 2011

As a single mom, I love a good deal and have heavily relied upon sales and discount stores for my trendier needs.  My favorite stores would be places such as: Tuesday Mornings, TJ Maxx, and Marshalls. While there are awesome discounts and great finds, it can still be a bit tricky.  Believe me those stores are designed to help you find several great deals, but it may take some effort to really have a successful shopping trip. Here are a few tips to make discount shopping easier.

1. Go Often

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These types of stores are constantly rotating their merchandise and getting regular shipments.  Therefore, by going often you will get more of a selection and be able to find exactly what you’re looking for, instead of what’s just on the shelf.   For instance, I usually take a trip to a local store on my lunch break once a week.  Also, try asking a manager when their weekly shipment is due.  This will allow you to schedule your trips, have a larger selection, and buy only what you need.

2. Always check the merchandise and try things on

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In regular retail stores it’s easy to know what size you are because usually the brand sticks to a basic sizing chart.  But because these discount stores carry so many different brands it’s hard to assume how something might fit.  Also, some of the merchandise could be from an irregular batch and slightly misshaped.  For homeware products, always take a second look.  Some dishes might have a chip or stain, and if it is not marked appropriately then you might be able to get an extra discount at the checkout.

3. Always bring a list

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This is the most important rule, period.  As I previously stated these stores are designed to display steals and deals, but those steals and deals should never overtake the purpose of shopping these stores, which is ultimately, saving money.  If you do not take a list you will get sucked into buying those 5 shirts (all for a great price) and eventually never wear them. This is called impulse buying.  Some people do it with cars, and boats, and ladies tend to do this with shoes and purses – we both know you don’t really need another purse.  Do not get sucked in.  Take a list of a few things you are looking for and look for those items specifically.  This will also cut down the amount of anxiety some people have when entering into a discount store because of the disorganization.

4. Go at the end of the month

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At the end of the month is generally when most stores have more items because they are trying to hit a monthly quota.  This rule goes for both discount and regular retailers.

Let me know what your favorite stores are to find deals, and any other tricks to saving money while still being stylish.


Erin Fuquay graduated from Indiana University with a BA in Advertising Communications.  Since graduation she has worked with two different advertising agencies, and has experience with traditional and social media. She is a mother to the brilliant Sophia Ann, who is 4 3/4 (in her own words).

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