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Manilla: One Step Closer To A Balanced Life

0 Comments 08 August 2011

A common topic on our blog lately has been organization and a more balanced lifestyle. It is easy to talk about but not always easy to do. This is why we have to do our research and find safe and sustainable ways to make our journey to happiness a little easier. I was recently told about Manilla, which is a site that organizes your household finances. When I checked out their site, it looked great and I got a little excited, but then I questioned how secure this would be. We live in an time where identity theft is common and difficult to shake, and I didn’t want to just give my information away. After some research I found wonderful reviews on Manilla and found that they were featured in Good Housekeeping and are backed by the Hearst Corporation, which is a Good Housekeeping’s parent company.

Manilla website screenshot Manilla: One Step Closer To A Balanced Life


Once I was put at ease by their credentials I looked through the rest of the site and finally signed up. I was so excited about already feeling more organized that I immediately added it to my bookmarks toolbar - which is a place only the best make it to.

Manilla uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL), which is the green security status bar we are used to seeing on our online banking accounts. It allows you to manage all of your household accounts, keeping you free from late fees. It also has an option for you to pay the bill online. The best part about this site is that it is free and with this type of consolidation, you won’t need multiple passwords. The only inconvenience that I have noticed so far is that they don’t have every utility company but you are able to request them to add yours.

I really hope this helps you as much as it has helped me. Just the thought of being more organized makes me feel better, so when services like this are made available it really makes my day. Here’s to another step closer to a balanced life!

logo Manilla: One Step Closer To A Balanced Life

pixel Manilla: One Step Closer To A Balanced Life

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