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Keep Your Kids Safe Online With Kiwi Commons

2 Comments 21 September 2011

I have recently stumbled across a site that, not only helps you talk to your kids about online safety, but also gives you the resources you need to protect them and yourself. Kiwi Commons is still fairly new and seems to be really onboard with what parents are having an issue with today. The internet just seems like a way of life, and to a child or teen it is completely innocent. Rather than banning the internet all together or losing sleep over whether or not your 15 year old is talking to a predator, educate yourself on how to stay safe and put that education to effective use.


Kiwi Commons offers pages and articles for parents, teachers, and youth. They have an array of articles on how to talk to your child about predators and the darker side of the internet. They will also give you resources to find out which sites to look out for and how to block those sites and even certain games. You can also get information about sites like Facebook and how to customize privacy settings.

Other issues that parents are facing are: sexting and cyberbullying. Kiwi Commons will give you positive advice on how to deal with these issues in the case that your child is the culprit or the victim. Cyberbullying has been a huge issue over the past year, so it is best to set certain guidelines for your child, until they reach a certain age, that allows you to see any online interaction.


Children can learn a lot online. Even when they are just 2 and 3 years old there are educational games for them to play online. Here’s a list os sites to play toddler games online, and these alphabetical learning games that assist kids in learning how to read. Of course the fact is that along with the good, there is also the bad.
Another element that Kiwi Commons focuses on is internet addiction and how to tell if your child is, in fact, addicted to the internet. This is another reason to set guidelines for your kids. The internet is a big place with a lot of wonderful and terrible possibilities and it should not be unlimited to children, nor should it be a staple of their childhood.

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  1. Penny Galamba says:

    How do you reach Kiwi? I can not find an e-mail address so that I can address a problem that I have with a parental control software (Iglu) that they apparently own. How do you contact the people at Kiwi? Typing white on pick is difficult to read. on your screen

  2. socialmediamom says:

    Hello Penny,

    Did you try using the methods on their contact page?

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