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Remembering 9/11: Where Were You When America Changed Forever?

0 Comments 08 September 2011


I remember walking down the hallway of my high school - just another day, didn’t want to go to history class. I walk in with a few other classmates and see my teacher standing in front of the television with his arms crossed. What is going on? I wonder. He turns to us and says that a plane has just crashed into the World Trade Center. We gasped, and by this point we were all gathered around the television set, as others just walking in joined us. It was just a terrible accident, something went wrong with plane - but how unlikely to crash right into New York City. As the second plane came crashing into the tower, it was silent. What just happened? Did they replay it? Was that another plane? Suddenly, I was nauseous. I wanted to call my parents and go home. It quickly became apparent that this was no accident, it was an attack, and it was as if the world had stopped. There was an unnatural silence, and we were all waiting for something else to happen, something terrible.

With the 10 year anniversary of 9/11 coming up, in less than a week, it is no secret that the memory and the fear is looming in our minds more now than it has in quite a few years. While many worries were laid to rest with bin Laden, it does not change the past nor does it secure the future. The fall of the Twin Towers disrupted so many areas of our lives, broke the hearts of many, and stole the lives of thousands.

Despite the terror that ensued on that sad day, it brought us together. We were all in pain and scared at the same time. We held our loved ones closer than ever and felt sorrow and compassion for complete strangers. Finally, no one was a stranger - in an attempt to separate and destroy, we became united.

As a way of remembering 9/11 National Geographic Channel in partnership with Neo-Pangea has developed an application to share your location and experience when the towers fell. With Rememberin 9/11, you can mark your location with a tag featured on an interactive map and then give a brief description of where you were and how you felt. The app allows participation from Facebook users worldwide  and is available in 9 different languages.

Let’s unite again, as we did that day and share our memories so that we will never forget the tragedy that was 9/11.


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