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A Detailed Look At Impeccably Bad Timing

1 Comment 19 October 2011

This article has nothing to do with social media, new apps, or really even being a mother - but it is something that has been weighing on my mind a lot lately and may be of some help to you as well.

I can probably attribute almost everything that has ever gone wrong in my life to bad timing. I do this a lot and I hear it as an excuse a lot. However, I am not excusing it. There may be nothing worse than making bad timing a habit - it begins to feel like a curse because it is abstract and it seems like there is nothing you can do about it. But, what is bad timing?

Bad timing on a small scale may be someone getting the good parking spot two seconds before you get there - on a larger scale - it can affect health, love, and your entire life. Whatever the level, most of us have seen it from every angle and chalked it up to being completely out of our control.

 A Detailed Look At Impeccably Bad Timing


Since I have had bad timing down to an art form over the last few months, I wondered why. I tried to research it - maybe others have asked these questions, or have found a way to have better timing. Really, all I found were articles about a movie called Bad Timing, information on comedic acting, and a quiz from Oprah’s website. The quiz was not necessarily life altering but it gave me some ideas on what exactly the recipe for a bad timing disaster is and how to avoid it.

I realized that I spend a lot of time waiting for life to start. It seems as though there is always one or two more steps before I can really do what I want with my life, but then after those steps there are one or two more. It never ends. Then I get it into my head that I must do something, just jump, take the risk - I can’t just sit around and wait for things to happen, I must make them happen. Just Do It may have worked for Nike, but if you feel like you don’t know what direction you’re going in the first place, jumping into the abyss isn’t going to make things easier. So, since flying by the seat of my pants has proven to be unsuccessful, I finally narrowed it down to three things I think will get a good, tight hold on bad timing and show it who’s boss.

1. | Patience

When I think of patience, I think of the phrase “good things come to those who wait.” This may be true, but the word wait is where I get stuck. I hate waiting because I feel that “to wait” is to do nothing. So I have come to the conclusion that patience is what lies between waiting and rushing. When things are not happening, there is probably a reason, so to jump in blindly or try to force something can cause matters to get even worse. On the contrary, to wait until something does happen that potentially never will can cause you to miss a lot of other opportunities - missed opportunities and conjured opportunities produce bad timing. So the answer is where the balance lies (as usual) - have patience with what you want and treat it well, when it has become apparent that it is simply not meant to be, it is time to stop waiting and move on calmly and quietly. Do not let the waters be still, do not let them be rough, but let them be steady.

 A Detailed Look At Impeccably Bad Timing


2. | Intuition

Intuition is not fickle but as humans we are fickle towards our intuition. Often times we believe what we want to believe over that gut-wrenching feeling we know is true. Our intuition is like our internal alarm going off, whether it be good or bad, it is significant whatever it is. This isn’t to say you should immediately write someone or something off at the first bad feeling but if something is wrong it is probably more obvious than you think and your intuition will pick up on the more subconscious undertones.

 A Detailed Look At Impeccably Bad Timing

3. | Relax

During my forever long encounter with bad timing I realized the more I got things wrong the more I continued to get things wrong. It is as if bad timing just piles up and you have to dig yourself out of it - it can be stressful and extremely frustrating. I had to stop and take a deep breath. I noticed that once I stopped thinking about the results of my bad timing, I was able to reboot enough to begin setting things right. I set a plan in motion and wrote a list of possible reasons why these certain things did not go the way I had hoped, and how I could have been so off. The smallest thing made me feel like I was finally moving in the right direction.

 A Detailed Look At Impeccably Bad Timing


Maybe we shouldn’t look at bad timing as a curse bestowed upon us by the gods, that some of us are just doomed to fail no matter what we do.  Rather, look at it as a warning sign, letting us know that we are not paying enough attention or giving ourselves enough credit. Be patient with the things you want and the people you love, do not rush them. Listen to your instincts even when it breaks your heart. Finally, relax, life has already begun so enjoy living it and time will work itself out.

pixel A Detailed Look At Impeccably Bad Timing

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  1. Abigail Isgrigg says:

    I really enjoyed this story and the pics. What a thinker you are. So insightful. I love you Kristina. Love, Mom

    PS The world is yours!

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