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Your one stop shop for advice and recommendations for everything local around you, is LikeList cuts down on all noise that’s continuously buzzing around the Internet when you’re searching up a good, family friendly restaurant or comparing farmer’s markets. By connecting people with other people who share similar interests, you can obtain positive feedback about small businesses in your community.

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Organization is something everyone has struggled with at one time or another, but by using LikeList, you’ll never lose addresses and information on the businesses that you love. Every business you’ve liked, your friends have liked, and the most popular businesses in your area are only a click away and are regularly updated with changes.

So when you want to support the local business scene, but don’t want to try your luck through trial and error, LikeList has got your back. You can view hundreds of businesses near you, see what people say about them, how many people like them, and what exactly they can do for you. And unlike review sites, LikeList puts you in contact with your friends to see what they think about the businesses you’re interested in.


LikeList works with local businesses and provides positive reviews for businesses in your area, while also connecting you to what your friends on your Sharelist like. By creating a Sharelist of people you know, you can easily communicate your opinions and own personal advice to your friends. So, instead of blindly going to a business, you can check out what your friends think about it beforehand.

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