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America’s Health Care Diagnosis: A.D.D.

0 Comments 26 March 2012

Last week, Medical Billing launched their latest infographic on Health Care. What I like the most about this infographic is that it does not make me feel like I need to choose a side. I feel no matter how much I try to educate myself on ObamaCare, I get so many different views rather than just a clear answer. I understand that no one method is going to be flawless, I really just want to know if it is better than what we have - a step in the right direction. So to all of you readers out there like me, I hope this helps to lead you to a more clear answer. They also have built-in A.D.D. moments so, you will get a laugh out of it, believe it or not.

americas health care diagnosis infographic Americas Health Care Diagnosis: A.D.D.
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pixel Americas Health Care Diagnosis: A.D.D.

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