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The App That Will Help Your Family Eat Healthier

0 Comments 20 March 2012

Every busy mom knows what it is like to struggle between serving food that is healthy versus serving food that is quick to prepare.  When you’ve had a stressful day, it is very appealing to pick up that box of instant dinner and serve it to your family.  It is not as appealing to ignore the mystery ingredients that make up those types of quick meals.  Every mom wants to serve food that is healthy to their families, but there is just not enough time to research which foods are really healthy and which foods are not.  Luckily, like everything else, there is an app for that.

Real Food Moms has developed an app available for purchase in the iTunes store.  It’s called Real Food Moms Recommendations and it’s only $0.99.  If you are not familiar with the site, it is an organization dedicated to healthy foods and healthy diets.  They have researched and reviewed many different food companies to determine which ones pass the healthy, tasty, and convenient real food test.  Many products already carry their seal of approval to let mom’s know which products are healthy for their family.  How do they know it’s real?  They use three main clues from the nutrition label to immediately determine whether or not a food is real.   They look at the amount of Bad Fats: trans-fats, hydrogenated oils, the amount of sugar and Chemical and artificial ingredients, which are the ingredients you typically cannot pronounce.

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If you are looking for a convenient way to decide what’s for dinner tonight, the Real Food Moms Recommendations app is perfect for you.  It provides a list of healthy and quick foods that your family is sure to love.  All the foods have been kid tasted and kid approved.  They are conveniently categorized for easy searching.  Under each category is a list of Real Food Moms approved products.  With each product comes a description of why it is recommended by Real Food Moms.  If you want to try something new, just shake the device and a food will pop up that you may not have picked on your own.  Letting your kids do the shaking makes trying new foods fun.

Real Food Moms has done all the research for you.  They have determined which products are real and affordable.  All you have to do is pick something from the list that sounds delicious!


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