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7 Steps to connected to your Partner

No Comments 30 May 2012

Don’t let your relationship get ruined over arguments. However, arguments among couples are inevitable. In fact, some therapists and counselors say it’s perfectly healthy to argue from time to time, and if you never do argue it could be a sign of future problems. This infographic presented by A Center for Marriage Counseling provides you [...]

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Online Lifestyles: 5 Benefits of Isometric Exercise

1 Comment 29 May 2012

  Sitting is killing us, but sitting certainly seems unavoidable. As Americans spend more and more time plugged in and sitting down, waistlines are beginning to bulge and the general health of the public is beginning to decline. Learning healthcare management and administration is in higher demand than ever and doctors are finding themselves stretched [...]

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A Master’s Degree Program is No Excuse Not to Travel

No Comments 25 May 2012

There is nothing like travel to expand your mind and world view, and there is no better time in life to travel than as a college student or in between graduation and getting your master’s degree. You’ve heard it more than once, the lecture on how carefree and joie de vivre your life is, free [...]

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Elite Universities with Online Programs Level the Playing Field for Students

No Comments 21 May 2012

Admit it. You think you’re a genius. Though you’ve never taken an IQ or Mensa test, if you did, you’re certain that everyone would be amazed at how intelligent you are. Well, now you can put those untapped smarts to the test. Many Ivy League schools such as Harvard, MIT and Stanford are now opening [...]

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Be Wary When Using Social Media to Help You Find the Right Online School

No Comments 18 May 2012

Because of the rise and proliferation of the online university, people interested in attending college now have countless options from which to choose. Live in Florida but interested in Portland State University? Shouldn’t be a problem if you have Internet access. Want to earn a degree but don’t have the time because of work and [...]

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Top Online Masters Programs for Women’s Studies Explain What Women Want


Top Online Masters Programs for Women’s Studies Explain What Women Want

No Comments 11 May 2012

Credit In colleges and universities across the nation, women’s studies programs allow students to investigate issues of gender and sexuality through scholarly research and debate. These programs first began to emerge in the late 1960s and early 1970s with the rise of the women’s liberation movement, and many feel this relatively new field of study [...]

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