Elite Universities with Online Programs Level the Playing Field for Students

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Admit it. You think you’re a genius. Though you’ve never taken an IQ or Mensa test, if you did, you’re certain that everyone would be amazed at how intelligent you are. Well, now you can put those untapped smarts to the test. Many Ivy League schools such as Harvard, MIT and Stanford are now opening their virtual doors to those wanting to learn from the best academic minds in the country. As the world of the Internet continues to expand, universities with online programs are becoming the norm across the nation. Once relegated to colleges lacking the prestige and price tag of their elite counterparts, online curriculums are surfacing everywhere on the web.

Most people have a love-hate relationship with Ivy League schools. They’re expensive. They’re pompous. Anyone who goes there gets an unfair free ride to better paying jobs and country clubs. Yet we all want to attend one for the exact same reasons. Not only does telling someone you go to Harvard prove that you must be really smart, but also it implies that you are wealthy enough to afford it. It’s a win-win situation. One glaring exception is the other students. Though we would never consider ourselves an elitist snob, that’s exactly what we think of anyone else who attends an Ivy League school. They wear Oxford shirts with argyle sweaters draped around their shoulders. Their names end with Roman numerals. They talk endlessly about spending their summers at “the Cape.” All the more reason why you should consider universities with online programs. Now you can go to college without having to deal with those obnoxious stiffs.

Perhaps the price of an Ivy League education still bothers you? It’s a valid concern. However, many universities with online programs offer classes with reduced fees. Sometimes they’re even free! Last year Stanford did exactly that. A few of their professors gave instruction via the Internet without charging one cent for it. Though the students who completed the courses received a certificate of completion in lieu of a Stanford degree, most of these schools are working toward full accreditation for online courses. Either way, if a quality education is your primary objective, then you can find it at any of these universities with online programs. You’re learning from the very same professors who were hired to teach the best of the best. Even if you didn’t score a perfect 1600 on your SATs or were valedictorian of your senior class, you too can get an Ivy League education, proving once and for all that you are indeed a genius.

pixel Elite Universities with Online Programs Level the Playing Field for Students

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