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Online Graduate Programs Influence on Research

0 Comments 06 June 2012

graduate programs Online Graduate Programs Influence on Research

The Internet has quickly become one of the most utilized research tools in the entire world. Information that may once have required multiple trips to libraries and weeks of waiting while requested materials arrived can now be easily found with an effective Google search or two. Many of the Internet’s younger users benefit from online tools that make research of colleges and other educational institutions much easier. Whether checking out tuition rates or just browsing choices available from an online graduate program directory, some corner of the Internet is likely to have the college data you’re searching for.

Many developments in web design have improved the ability of programmers to create practical software tools for online use. There are plenty of web applications that ease the work of programming by improving cross-platform translation of code or providing database management of relevant files.

One such program is known as MyAjaxApp, an application developed by web designers from Montreal, Canada. This application is specific to JavaScript programming and allows a programmer to quickly adapt JavaScript code for HTML formats. Users can store complex pieces of code on a central database which can be accessed by other users, improving the spread of software programming. The web service, available at MyAjaxApp, can be used by programmers for free.

These types of easily accessible directories and databases are exactly why the Internet has grown as quickly as it has. Online applications and increased access to digital files has created a culture that expects to be able to access information easily, and businesses have been successful in attracting large audiences with free services. Once the numbers of individual active users reaches a certain point, companies stand to make a lot of money by selling advertisements for that crowd.

Web browsing has also become a much more user-friendly experience. An Ars Technica article from May 2012 talks about the concept of responsive web design and how it’s affecting everyday websites and applications. Responsive web design is an answer to compatibility issues between platforms; if coded improperly, a website could end up looking much different on a mobile device than a computer.

Instead of designing content optimized for a single platform, responsive web design creates web content that is more responsive to the software and digital settings used by a single browser. Instead of forcing a smaller browser window to use scroll bars to view content, for example, the content would resize or reposition itself to sit cleanly in the window.

This concepts have dramatic implications for the future of college research. Imagine an online directory that ranks the top five colleges specific to your needs, based on tuition, degree offerings, location and other options. A program that reads your interests posted across the Internet may be able to suggest an interesting career path you had never considered.

Current college directories, such as the graduate program directory search operated by the higher education organization NASPA, allow you to set criteria to narrow your choices. Tomorrow’s tools, however, could be much more responsive and help prospective students find better college choices quicker than ever before.

pixel Online Graduate Programs Influence on Research

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