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PopCosmo Interview: The Latest in Teen Trends

0 Comments 27 June 2012

We’re joined today with Kim and Chloe Gordon, Co-Founders of PopCosmo, a hot new teen trend online magazine:

1 - Tell us a bit about yourself and your background.
Kim: I’m a lawyer by training who has worked in marketing and teaching all age groups, middle school most recently. But we started PopCosmo because we’ve also moved frequently and didn’t know anybody in when we moved here.

Chloe: I’m 16 and when we moved here I was looking online for teen resources about where to go and couldn’t find any. So, we decided to start our own teen resource and the idea kept growing into the present day PopCosmo.


2 - What’s it like being a mother/daughter duo?

Kim: Wonderful! We tend to balance each other out, both professionally and personally.

Chloe: I handle the creative side of the business and, obviously, understand teens better than my mom.

Kim: True! I run the business end of our operation and the daily ins & outs. But we both are involved in most of our stories — one of us writes and one of us edits. It’s fantastic to have a partner that you can completely trust to give you an unbiased opinion.

Chloe: Sometimes whether or not you asked for it!


3 - Where did the name PopCosmo come from?
Kim: We wanted a fun name that encompassed our goal. We thought long and hard about our name and our logo! “Pop” was meant to relate the fun part of our business: the fashion, beauty, and style stories, while “cosmo” symbolized our hope that we would become a national brand.


4 - What’s been your biggest story to date?
Kim: It would depend on how you define “big”! We’ve had numerous other stories with people who have inspired us to do more, and hopefully have inspired our readers… especially our PopStars, from the creator of the video of “It Only Takes a Girl”, to a well-known teen sleep researcher, to a girl who saved a bus of school children, each heroes and stars in their own right.

Chloe: I also loved the interviews with singers: Camryn, who opened for One Direction, and Alex of Sleeper/Agent, a Rolling Stone band to watch.

Kim: Both are amazing talents who we are sure will be superstars! And we also love our stories about products and women-owned businesses who are leading innovators in their fields, and who are giving back to their communities or pursuing their passions. Each of these are “big stories” to us because they show our teen readers that if you follow your passions, you can literally do anything you want to be a success.


5 - What social networks have you seen the most response on?
Each month it seems to change. At first, we saw a huge response on Facebook, then, we started seeing a lot of reaction on StumbleUpon. Most lately, our largest referrer is Pinterest. The amount of response from a single pin being repinned can be literally overwhelming, in a good way! Many of our stories, such as “How to Do A French Manicure… Effortlessly”  have a strong visual component, and readers across all forums, and many countries, have responded.


6 -You’re currently in Louisville, Chicago, and Nashville. Where to next?
We are currently looking at a few cities and trying to decide! One is in the south, one out west, and 2 in the Northeast. Any votes?


7 - Where do you see PopCosmo going in the next few years?
Hopefully continuing the amazing growth we’ve experienced over the past 8 months, along with a continuing refinement of our mission. We love reaching out to teens! We have a few goals we’d like to implement concerning involvement of our readers, and hopefully that will be our first step in a new phase of PopCosmo.

Thanks so much Kim and Chloe - we wish you much success in your awesome new site!

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