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The World of Android Apps

0 Comments 08 June 2012

Android has succeeded in its bold quest to dominate the mobile technology market. Android has managed to do so thanks to its massive offering of useful and highly entertaining applications. Its Google Play boasts a monster selection of over 450,000 apps that function seamlessly on Android’s sophisticated smartphones, which now total over 300 million units across the globe. With over 850,000 daily activations, the Android machine has shown no signs of slowing down. In fact, Android seems to be gaining momentum and picking up steam. After the popular Instagram app went live on the Android marketplace, Facebook purchased the app for a whopping $1 billion. Facebook has clearly taken notice of Android’s popularity.

Only Apple stands in Android’s way of securing complete domination of the smartphone industry. However, Apple’s iPhone is very restrictive in comparison  to Android devices. Android smartphones are known to be far more versatile and well-suited for hardcore gamers and multi-taskers. Even commercial app developers stand to benefit by tapping into the Android marketplace. While Android offers third party tools for app development, Apple is incredibly limited in providing platforms for such app development. Additionally, Apple charges commercial developers an annual fee of $90 and restricts them to Apple’s App Store. Android is far more friendly to developers in that it asks for just a one time registration fee of $25 and allows apps to be featured in other stores and marketplaces.

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android apps infographic The World of Android Apps
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