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Top Degree Programs for a Master of Sales

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Earning a master’s degree in sales, or even just taking a couple masters degree courses, is an excellent way to propel a career forward. These programs are especially rewarding to those that enjoy negotiating and persuading others. Sales is, and always has been an extremely visible field that allows participants to transition into many other areas of business. Sales is also one of the largest ‘feeder-fields’ for future top positions in large companies. Little wonder that 17% of Fortune 500 CEOs come from a background in sales.

Common Career Opportunities

There are a variety of career paths available for a graduate with a master’s degree in sales including sales representative, sales manager, marketing brand manager, public relations associate and customer service representative in traditional corporations or non-profit organizations.

Common Sales Courses

In most degree programs, participants will learn the foundation of sales through courses such as applied sales concepts and strategies, customer relationship management and sales force automation, professional sales strategies and techniques, and service operations management. According toNova Southeastern University, students learn to influence and persuade during professional selling, acquire strategies for selling, become familiar with managing relationships and key accounts, negotiation strategies and the entire service process.

Top Masters of Sales Programs

One of the first and best in-class online masters of sales degree programs in the United States is at Nova Southeastern University. The program offers students a traditional master’s of business administration (MBA) with an explicit focus on sales. This will allow graduates to enter the business world with the knowledge of persuasion, negotiation, strategies and account management with the opportunity to advance to management level.

Another top school for sales is the London School of Business and Finance (LSBF). This institution offers a master of science in marketing and sales management. As an extremely unique program that combines marketing and sales management, students will be able to take their career to the next level by acquiring a supporting skill set in management, paving the path for future advancement to managerial ranks. Participants will gain knowledge about sales goals, efficiency, relationship development with key accounts, planning, staffing, motivation techniques, leading and appropriate utilization of resources. This program is unique because its comprehensive curriculum gives students an overview of the entire sales process, from sourcing funds to generating revenue to sales.

A third leading school for acquiring an online master of sales degree is the University of Applied Sciences at FH VORARLBERG. Located in Austria, the degree is taught in English and German. This master’s program emphasizes interactivity and personal contact between professors and their students, real-world problem solving and project work within small groups. Therefore, the program serves to bridge the gap between academically oriented theoretical work, and real-world application. The diversity of the professors and lecturers, who often hail from across the globe and diverse backgrounds, is an added attraction considering the globalized outlook of modern-day businesses. According to FHV, the master’s program delivers a variety of advantages including experience in dealing with real-world scenarios, close contact with qualified professors, a degree fit for global competition and the ability to leverage this education for career expansion.


Since a master of sales is typically a part of a broader focus on management or marketing, students enjoy a diversity of knowledge that will help them propel their career to the management level. Utilizing realistic strategies employed by seasoned professionals appears to be the most effective teaching method as it allows students to experience and react to real-life business situations.

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